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Activities for bored teenagers in Turkey

14th May 2015

Turkey is a country with a rich history and culture with many attractions and sights to explore, however even with everything it has to offer Turkey isn’t immune to the call of “I’m bored” the two words that will make all parents shudder with annoyance.

Turkey is a popular holiday location for families and you’ll find lots of things for you and you’re children to do. Now when it comes to teenage children you might have to dig a little deeper or search a little farther but rest assured Turkey has plenty to offer even the most mopey and bored teens.

Below I’ve compiled a list of activities that will be sure to prevent any proclamations of “I’m bored” for at least a day or two.

Quad Biking
Guaranteed to give any bored teenager an adrenaline boost quad biking is a great way to spend an afternoon blowing off some steam. You can rent quad bikes in some places in Turkey but if you’re not a confident rider then you’ll find numerous quad biking activities around Turkey.
You can enjoy all the fun and thrills of riding quad bikes in a safe environment as you learn the ropes and before you know it you’ll soon be speeding off-road through mud and water or driving through quite roads enjoying the scenery if you prefer.  

Horse Riding
If quad biking isn’t to your teenagers liking that you could always go for a calmer relaxing horse ride instead. You’ll find a number of horse riding tours based all around Turkey these can stretch on for a number of hours to a number of days. A particularly popular one is the Şile daily horse ride in Istanbul.
These expertly lead horse riding tours are a great way for parents to bond with their children while enjoying some relaxing time together. The experts will also be on hand to help any less experienced riders to make sure everyone enjoys a safe journey.

Water Sports
With the Mediterranean Sea quite literally on your door step Turkey is a great place to visit to indulge in some thrilling water sports that you and your teenage children will love. You’ll find a host of different options available to suit all groups like; Jet Skiing, Speed Boats, Parasailing and even the well-loved Banana Boats.
The port Town of Marmaris is again a popular spot for these activities but you’ll find them being held all around different coastal resorts in Turkey. There’s a host of water sport activities for you to try from Jet Ski and speed boat hire to professionally run water sport events that all the family will enjoy.

A particularly famous one you might have heard about is Paragliding in the small village of Ölüdeniz. Soaring through the skies as you gaze out at the breath taking scenery below will certainly be a memory you will treasure forever.

Amusement Parks
Now don’t deny it we all love a good amusement park and if you’re holidaying with teenagers they’ll no doubt love the amusement parks Turkey has to offer (they’ll likely deny it if you ask them though) The good thing about amusement parks in Turkey though is that they aren’t all just full of rides and roller coasters.
Take Jurassic Land for example, found in the Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul Jurassic Land is the perfect example of an amusement park the whole family will enjoy. You’ll find a number of fascinating exhibits and dinosaur skeletons at Jurassic Land and you’ll be able to visit Turkey’s largest 4 dimensional cinema which is housed at the park.
Teens can also group together for a friendly game of laser tag at the parks Dino Laser arena or if they prefer they can enjoy a game of basketball, football or tennis at the parks sports courts.
No matter where you go in Turkey you’ll find a great variety of fun activities to try so your teenage children will never be bored for long. 

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