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Moustache and go: Males head to Turkey for facial-hair implants

11th July 2013

Does the moustache make the man or the man make the moustache? Well it seems that people are flocking to Turkey to take advantage of several deals incorporating both facial hair surgery and short stay holidays.

You too can achieve the perfect Magnum P.I. look thanks to the latest craze hitting the country. Hundreds of males are travelling in their droves to Istanbul in order to obtain the perfect look that would make Ned Flanders proud!

Turkey has been renowned for its burgeoning health tourism sector, but the boom for plastic surgery has seen an annual explosion of patients travelling from abroad. 

This is currently increasing at a steady rate with the number of people topping the 100,000 mark last year according to a survey by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

In addition, many surgeons and consultants are now firmly behind the moustache and beard revolution which is now making a genuine comeback. Talk about a close encounter of the furry kind.

Many believe it is considered to be a sign of virility and manliness which has become one of the hottest trends across Turkey. In fact, there are reports some surgeons are performing more than 50 operations a month.

The majority of the clientele hail from several Middle Eastern territories such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as those in China and Australia.

Yet several tourism companies in Turkey have also got in on the act thanks to these so called “implant packages” 
On the face of it (no pun intended!) this trend is set to last with the introduction of nearly 300 separate clinics across Istanbul alone.

So what is involved? The surgery itself is carried out under a local anaesthetic but this is no quick task. Taking approximately five hours to complete, let’s hope you have that AMEX available as it can cost as much as $5,000.

The operation features removing tiny hair follicles from other parts of the body including the scalp which are then transported onto the face. 

When it comes to hair, the David Beckham has always been a popular choice. But how about the Kadir Inanir or Kivanç Tatlitug? 

This is precisely what many individuals are asking for in the pursuit of emulating their favourite Turkish actors, presenters and models. 

Beauty tourism is certainly the order of the day in Turkey as men aim to preen their long whiskers. The follicaly challenged are fighting back amid this growing concept that has seen many doctors fill up their diaries weeks or months in advance. 

In defiance of this köse – baldness of the face, many men are turning to hair implants as according to some, having no facial leads to social woes, decreased masculinity and the inability to perform business.

One spokesman has claimed that more than 40 tourists from the Middle East go under the knife across Istanbul every single day.

Yet the facts don’t lie. Arab countries are pouring into Turkey which has proved to be a major boost to the tourism sector. 

Just 2 years ago, more than an astonishing four million travellers came to the Aegean coast –six times as many when compared to figures in 2001.

Sounds like a case of hair today but not gone tomorrow. 

Written by Simon Lazarus

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