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Fitness holidays and trips in Turkey

17th May 2015

A holiday is all about having fun and seeing the sights right? Maybe taking the time to indulge yourself a little bit, while this is a fair assessment of many holidays there’s been a growing trend in recent years of the fitness holiday.

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions about this a fitness holiday isn’t all about sweating down at the gym, unless you want it to be that is. A fitness holiday can be all about relaxation and with a wide amount of spas and relaxation baths available (Turkey is the home of the Turkish bath after all) you can just as easily relax at the spa instead of hitting the treadmill.

Or if you feel like it why not just do both. So if you want to find a nice relaxing spa, try a traditional Turkish bath or simply want to take the opportunity to work out while enjoying the Turkish weather and landscape then check out these relaxation and fitness options below.

Murat’s Ultimate Fitness and Weight Loss Camp
Murat’s Fitness Camp is a 7 day extensive work regiment run by MG Fitness Training. The camp is held in Polonezköy, Istanbul and includes a number of exercise regimes carried out by professional trainers. 
You’ll be hiking, suspension training, running, swimming and have all your meals catered for. Stay at the Adampolote resort is included in the price which start at £550.  You’ll also be able to rest your tired muscles in the resorts; sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi or if you prefer you can enjoy a friendly game of tennis or basketball at the resorts sports courts.

Cemberlitas Hamami
Cemberlitas Hamami is a traditional Turkish bath house found on Divanyolu Street, a short walking distance from the Grand Bazaar. Designed by the famous architect Mimar Sinan in 1584 Cemberlitas Hamami offers a variety of services including a range of massages and aromatherapy treatments.
Reflexology and face mask treatments are also available and they have a self-service bath house for customers.

Maçka Park
Let me explain this might seem like an odd choice but due to its’ layout Istanbul can be hard place to finding jogging spots and instead of going to a gym you might want to take the chance to enjoy the natural beauty Istanbul offers while enjoying a good run.
You’ll find Maçka Park in the Nişantaşı quarter of the Şişli district. The park is popular with tourists and contains a well maintained running path. The path feels great on your feet and provides a nice break from walking on the hard pavements of Istanbul. Plus once you’re done with your run you can enjoy the lovely scenery the Maçka Park offers.

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