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Agence France - Presse Türkiye photography exhibition – Istanbul, Kadiköy

18th May 2015

A free photography exhibition titled “Agence France-Presse Türkiye Haber Fotoğrafları” (AFP Turkey News Photos) is currently running at the art gallery of the Caddebostan Cultural Center (CKM) in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Agence France-Presse (AFP) is a long standing international news agency, headquartered in Paris. The exhibition features around 100 thought-provoking photographs by local AFP photographers Bülent Kılıç, Ozan Köse, Adem Altan, and Gürcan Öztürk. The exhibition will run until 31 May 2015.

The exhibition depicts scenes from recent Turkish political and social history, including pictures from the Gezi protests, the Soma mine disaster, Kurdish clashes, political scenes, as well as Syrian refugees. The photographs have been published around the world by a range of news outlets, including TIME Magazine and The Guardian.

Recently, TIME Magazine awarded Bülent Kılıç with Best Wire Photographer of 2014, noting that he “consistently grabbed the attention of editors and viewers around the world” for his vivid and memorable images of Ukraine and Turkey. Bülent also recently won both first prize and third prize in the Spot News Single category of the 2015 World Press Photo Contest.

Phone Number: (0216) 467 36 00
Address:  Bağdat Caddesi Haldun Taner Sokak No.11, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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