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A Guide to Turkish Cuisine

22nd May 2015

“Let’s grab a Turkish tonight I don’t feel like cooking” would sound a little strange to most people, now grabbing a: Chinese, Indian or Italian would be a lot more expected. Apart from the Kebap most Turkish cuisine is yet to really grow in popularity overseas.

This will probably surprise you when you get the opportunity to try some traditional Turkish cuisine and find out what a wondrous tasting experience Turkish cuisine offers. Turkish cuisine much like some ancient Turkish architecture you’ll see can be trace back to the Ottoman Empire. 
Much like how Turkey its self is considered by some to be the point where the East meets the West modern day Turkish cuisine is a hybrid of Middle Eastern, Central Asian and North African cuisines. Each of the various regions of Turkey also have their own preferred dishes and styles so if you’re eating in the Black Sea region for example you’ll find a lot of sea food on the menu and dishes that are inspired by Slavic cuisine.

This is a big contrast to the South-eastern region of Turkey that favours meat based dishes. So if you’re travelling around Turkey be sure to try each regions favourite dish, this way you’ll get to see and more importantly taste all the various flavours Turkish cuisine offers.

The Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and the Turkish attitude towards breakfast supports this theory. A traditional Turkish breakfast is quite hearty with eggs and chopped spiced beer called Sucuk being a common favourite.
You’ll find plenty of options for those who prefer a lighter breakfast though: dishes like honey and bread and the tourist favourite treacle dipped sesame seed crusted Simit are also popular breakfast choices.

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Lunch and Evening Meals

I’d be here all day if I was tell you everything on offer for your lunch and evening meals in Turkey there’s such a wide range available so instead I’ll give you some general information on what you can expect but I won’t tell you everything. After all part of the fun of trying new cuisine is not knowing what to expect so I won’t spoil everything for you.

Although meat is popular in lunch and evening meals meat portions are usually small especially when compared to other countries. And in most cases you can expect to see a lot of vegetables. There are also numerous dishes that are made solely from vegetables so vegetarians and vegans will have plenty of options. 

Bottled water is offered in most places as well as fruit juices freshly squeezed from Turkey’s succulent fruits. You might also want to try Ayran which is a Turkish drink made from yogurt mixed with spring water that is then lightly salted and of course there’s always Turkish tea and coffee.

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The Dessert Menu

Turkish desserts are usually split into two categories, dairy and non-dairy based. And you’ll find enough desserts in both these categories to please everyone’s sweet tooth. From simple desserts like Lokma, which are fried balls of dough coated with a sugar syrup to more unique desserts like Tavuk Göğsü, a pudding made with milk and chicken. Don’t let the chicken but you of the dessert is a unique flavour that you’ll love.

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