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Hitting the Beach in Turkey

24th May 2015

Since Turkey is a country with the good fortune to have coastlines along both the Aegean and Mediterranean seas it should be no surprise that hitting the beach is one of the first things many tourists will want to do on their holiday.

Tourists and locals are quite literally spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, in fact there are so many you’ll likely have a tough time trying to decide which one to visit. No two beaches are quite the same sure there’s sand and the sea but they all have their own character, atmosphere and charm.

Beaches around Marmaris for example are popular tourist spots and come with all the benefits popular tourists beaches need like changing rooms and on site bathrooms. Whereas beaches like those found on the islands of Bozcaada are less developed and have a more quite oasis charm to them.  

Safety First

Before tantalising you with some of the best beaches in Turkey, it’s especially important to be aware of the dangers involved when visiting beaches. Not all the beaches in Turkey will have life guards on site and some may be prone to dangerous riptides and undertow conditions. So even if you’re a confident swimmer never swim alone.

You may see some beaches in Turkey marked with a Blue Flag this means the beach as met the European Union’s high standards for both cleanliness and sanitation. The Blue Flag applies to both the sand on the beach and the water. Around 400 beaches in Turkey qualify for the Blue Flag so there are plenty of beaches that meet these high standards.

Well I’ve teased you long enough let’s take a look at some of the best beaches in Turkey, be warned you might enjoy visiting them so much you might spend all day there without realising it.

Patara Beach

This 11 mile long beach is considered one of the finest in Turkey, the name probably already tells you Patara beach is located near the ancient city of Patara, Antalya. The sand is soft and the water shallow and with beautiful views surrounding you, you’ll soon feel like you’ve found a little corner of paradise. After sunset from May to October the beach is closed to the public because it’s also the nesting place of sea turtles. 
Olimpos Beach

Want to avoid the crowds and enjoy some quite time? Then Olimpos beach is the place for you located 50 miles of Antalya the Olimpos beach is surrounded by beautiful mountain views. The beach is described by many as being a place swimming in a peaceful serene atmosphere. Getting to Olimpos can require quite a travel though so make sure you can make the journey. Once you do though you’ll have found the perfect place to rest and relax.

Kilyos Beach

Opened to the public as part of the “coasts will belong to the people” campaign the Kilyos Beach, Istanbul is 22 miles from the Galata Bridge. The beach is popular with tourists and life guards are on site. Bathrooms, shower and changing rooms are also available on site. The beach may be a little more commercialised than others in Turkey but you’ll still have wonderful time relaxing on this popular beach.

Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay is found hiding away near to the beautiful resort of Ölüdeniz, Mugla. This is a hidden gem of a beach that not many tourists will know about, the beach is a wonderful calm oasis that offers a beautiful tranquil setting. Want to escape away from water sports and crowds then Kabak Bay is the ideal beach for you.

These are just a small selection of beaches with so many to pick from you’ll never have time to explore them all but you can sure that you’ll find one that is you little patch of paradise.

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