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Beat the Crowds - Discover the quieter spots for your to visit to Turkey

27th May 2015

So you’ve got everything planned for your holiday to Turkey, everything’s packed and ready and you’ve got a list of all the places you want to visit. Then you get there and after a couple of days seeing the sites, you just want to get away from the crowds.

It’s a common occurrence for many people because ironically one thing most of us forgot when planning our holidays is tourists, because you won’t be the only person going to visit the Grand Bazaar for example.

Now while the hustle and bustle of crowds can create a thriving atmosphere at times and it gives you the opportunity to socialise with people from different cultures sometimes you just want to escape from the chaos for a while and enjoy some peace and quiet.  

So if you’re looking for an escape from the crowds have no fear there’s plenty of hidden spots and attractions dotted around Turkey. So let’s take a look at some of these hidden spots in depth.

Selimiye is name I’ am willing to bet not many people will recognise. Selimiye is a small fishing village on the Aegean coast found in the Marmaris District, Muğla Province. Even finding it on an Atlas can be a challenge. But have no fear Selimiye is a very real place and one that’s almost completely untouched by tourists. This serene peaceful location is the perfect getaway for people who want to experience a more laid back holiday.
That’s not to say Selimiye isn’t without things to do, the village plays host to a number of shops, a mosque, restaurants, bars and a hotel. And of course you could just choose to enjoy some fishing with the locales as you toss your line in the deep sea and let your worries just drift away.

There’s many many beaches in Turkey and while most are often very busy some even during off-peak seasons and times. However there are some beaches that are much more relaxed, tourists just haven’t fully discovered them yet, so who knows how long they’ll remain peaceful and quite?
But for now if you want to enjoy a more relaxed setting and want a beach to sun bathe and relax on in peace then beaches like Palamutbükü, found near the village of Yazıköy and the Olimpos beach on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast are both much more relaxing and quiet than the bigger more well-known Turkish beaches.

Towns and Villages
There’s more to Turkey than just the big tourist destinations like Istanbul and while you might not find as many attractions, you will find a whole new type of serene charm instead. Towns like Safranbolu, located in the Karabük Province offer a wealth of local history and charm.
Other examples include locations like the villages of Polonezköy, Daylan Koy and Torba. These small villages offer the unique opportunity to experience the quiet life. You’ll be surprised how different things will look and feel when you have the time to just sit and relax not to mention the wealth of local site you’ll be able to visit.
Polonezköy is found at the Asian side of Istanbul around 30 km away from the Istanbul City Center. Torba can be found near Bodrum in the Mugla Province, the village is roughly 6 km from the resort town of Bodrum. Daylan Koy is a smaller district found inside the coastal Town of Çeşme found in the Aegean region of Izmir province.

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