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Staying Safe in Turkey

1st June 2015

You’ll find that tourists and travellers will in general be very complimentary when discussing Turkey and Turkish people, Turkey is a very friendly country and the Turkish people’s hospitality is first rate. However no place is completely safe and no matter where you travel tourists can sometimes be seen as easy targets by thieves and con artists.

However there are a number of things tourists should look out for that may help them avoid falling victim to these criminals. So let’s take a look at some of the dangers that all tourists should be aware of, they’re often quite rare but knowing about the dangers is the first step towards prevent them from happening.

Street Crime

Street crime is more common in big cities like Istanbul but can occur anywhere so don’t assume that just because you’re visiting a quiet Turkish village you won’t be the victim of street crime. The rule is always be vigilant even though it’s unlikely to happen it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Street crime is the general term for a multitude of crimes some examples include crimes like: pick pocketing, bag slashing, snatch and grabs and various scam acts. Now first of all this isn’t to worry or panic anyone it’s unlikely you’ll become a victim of these crimes but there are ways to reduce the risks.

Leave Non-essentials Behind

First of all leave any non-essential valuables in your hotel room (some of these will have safes for just this reason) never take anything than you don’t need with you. This includes important documentation such as passports remember pick pockets won’t always be after money or credit cards.

(!) Very useful –Photocopy your passport and leave it with someone you trust. If you do lose your passport, they can fax the photocopy through to you. This will help your local consulate to issue new travel documents quicker.

Avoid Wearing Flashy Jewellery

We all like to get dressed up from time to time, but expensive jewellery and watches are easily noticeable. Be cautious in large cities.

Take Notice of Your Surroundings

Packed trains, crowded markets, a busy subway all these places are common haunting grounds for pick pockets. Although its true pick pockets can strike anywhere places with large crowds are more common locations, other things to look out for are distractions.
Usually pick pockets will be working in team’s one person will distract the target while the other robs them. So if someone comes up to you asking directions, or tries to draw your attention immediately make sure to keep a tight hold of your purse or wallet, if these people are genuine you’ll soon know.

Travel with Others

Of course this might not always be possible if you’re travelling alone, but if you’re holidaying with friends or family then try and stick together when out and about. Bag slashers, bag snatches and pick pockets are more likely to target people travelling on their own and tend to stay away from groups of people. 

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