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Enjoying the Turkish nightlife in Marmaris

7th June 2015

Why do we go on holidays, is it to experience new cultures, relax and enjoy the sun or to see world famous monuments and attractions? It can be all these things really but one of the most popular reasons people go on holiday is to go and enjoy the nightlife they can run wild for a little bit and let their hair down and have fun.

And this isn’t always hitting the bars and clubs or holidays for the younger people anyone can enjoy the Turkish nightlife and while enjoying a drink with friends is a part of it, there’s much more to it than that. Set let’s take a look at the Turkish nightlife.

Enjoying the Nightlife
One place in particular that comes to mind when talking about the Turkish nightlife is the port and resort town of Marmaris. Marmaris is found along the Turkish coast and it encapsulates everything about the Turkish nightlife. 
Popular with tourists and locals alike in Marmaris you’ll find almost every street as an assortment of bars and restaurants catering to a wide range of customers. You’ll find menus that offer the finest; Chinese, English, Italian, Indian and Turkish cuisines. And bars and clubs that cater to a wide range of different interests.

There are also a host of activities and themed nights that run during the evening from Turkish dance events to drag shows. The majority of the bars in Marmaris are open to 2AM but it’s not unusual to find some that are open much later for those of you who like to stay up till dawn.
You’ll also find a wide variety of sports bars that feature wide screen televisions showing the big matches so if you’re a sports fan you’ll likely want to check them out.

Bar Street
Bar Street is a popular attraction of sorts found in Marmaris, Bar Street is what its name implies and can be found hidden behind the restaurants on the beach promenade. Bar Street is a very narrow street filled with a wide range of different bars that cater to different music tastes.
The cost of drinks in the bars along Bar Street cost more than they will in most of the other bars and clubs found in Marmaris but they do offer free entry, unless there is a special event or themed night going on then you may need to pay. The bars alongside Bar Street are usually open much later as well 4AM closing times are quite common.

Family Friendly
You might be thinking this all sounds fun but I’ am too old to stay up all night drinking or this place doesn’t really sound very family friendly. But lay your fears to rest although Marmaris’s bars and clubs are one of its main attractions there’s still plenty for families and older people to do and besides age is just a number you’re never too old to spend a night partying.
The Marmaris castle and museum are particular notable attractions that offer beautiful views and interesting exhibits. You’ll also find the popular Marmaris beach amongst other beaches and at the centre of Marmaris you’ll find plenty of restaurants that offer a relaxed atmosphere and a wide variety of different cuisines.




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