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8 Street Foods that make Istanbul Great

10th June 2015

Picture this scene you’re walking down a busy Istanbul Street perhaps you’re on your way to have a look at the Grand Bazaar. You look at your watch reading that it’s 11:00am a little too early for lunch and bit too late for breakfast but that grumble in your stomach must be settled. And then you notice the enchanting smell coming from the little kiosk just across the street.

You walk across and look down at the fantastic display of food being offered little do you know you’ve just discovered the wonderful world of Istanbul’s famed street food.

So whether you just want to grab something to eat on the go, or feel like a change from the familiar restaurant setting here’s a list of some of the best Istanbul street food. Make sure you try some the next you visit Istanbul.


The Turkish equivalent of a bagel a simit is a freshly baked treacle dipped sesame seed crusted dough. Wrapped into curvy hexagon shape a simit smells wondrous and is a popular breakfast choice for locals and tourists alike. ↘


Lahmacun is a popular pizza style food, the simple dish is made from a thin dough that is then topped with a variety of toppings. Served fresh from the oven a Lahmacun is rolled into a wrap before serving and is traditionally given a squirt of lemon juice and a sprinkle of parsley once taken out of the oven. Lahmacun are served piping hot so they are great choice for those wet and rainy days where you really need warming up. ↘


Dürüm is a favourite of many tourists and locales to Istanbul, you’ll likely find it served everywhere from small street kiosks to up market restaurants and everything in-between. Dürüm is a simple wrap that can be made from lavash or yufka flatbreads and can contain a variety of ingredients. You’ll find; beef and chickens versions as well as vegetarian variants of Dürüm so it’s the perfect snack food for everyone. ↘

Midye Dolma

Midye Dolma is the perfect choice for those of us who like to try something a little different. The snack food is made from mussels served on the half shell, mixed with spiced rice and served with an added squeeze of lemon juice. Midye Dolma is a traditional evening or late night snack food so if you’re out and about during the evening be sure to give it a try. ↘

Balik Ekmek

Balik Ekmek known as “fish in bread” in English are popular a street food that you can find served directly from the fisherman’s boats! This unique and tasty dish is sometimes referred to as a fish sandwich. ↘

Mısır (corn)

Mısır sometimes refereed too simply as corn is a simple piece of street food that is the perfect choice for tourists who don’t want to stray too far from their comfort zone. You’ll find it served on many streets it’s simply boiled corn that as a smoked zesty taste to it. ↘


Kestane or “roasted chestnuts” to give them their English name are a simple dish popular around the Black Sea and Marmara regions. Kestane is a popular winter time street food said to warm up a person’s heart against the winter cold. ↘

Çiğ Köfte

Çiğ köfte is popular street in Southeastern Turkey the dish can be made from either beef or lamb. The dish can be prepared in a number of ways but the meat is always served raw with a variety of herbs and spices with vegetables mixed in. Çiğ köfte is a very spicy dish so fans of hot food will be sure to love it. ↘




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