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Funny chat up lines all Turkish Barmen use

14th June 2015

Women prepare to laugh and politely smile because if you’re holidaying in Turkey you’ll likely encounter some truly cheesy pick-up lines. Barmen in particular just love these endearing but somewhat awful pickup lines so if you’re getting a drink on your own or with friends you should prepare yourself for some cheesy and out dated pick-up lines.

Let’s take a look at some example shall we?

1.) “Oooooooooooooooooo Helloooooooo Girls my name is Sean Connery” – If you can get past the awful impression without losing it, then you’ll probably realise that this line could do with an update. Then again perhaps Sean Connery is every Turkish barman’s favourite Bond.

2.) “I’ am the real Turkish delight” – Let’s admit it we all knew this one was coming, and while it’s so cheesy it’s likely served on all good cheese boards you have to admire someone who can say it with confidence. That doesn’t make it a good pick-up line though. 

3.) “Hello Charlie’s Angel” and “Spice Girls hello, I’ am in love” – Does anything represent not moving with the times as much as these two pick-up lines? The sad thing is in a decade or so these will still be used and by then it’s possible the majority of people won’t know what the Spice Girls or Charlie’s Angels are. So instead of the laughter these lines receive now instead people will probably just be a little confused.

4.) “Can I add you on Facebook” – Well it’s direct you have to give it that and you might get similar variants asking for adds on WhatsApp or MSN, this particular chat-up line isn’t as cheesy as others in the list but it doesn’t have the charm of them either. Plus how does friending somewhat on Facebook equally going out? It’s probably a mystery only Turkish barmen know the answer to.

5.) “I’ am the owner can I get you anything” – Well they’re clearly not the owner but playing along for a bit could have hilarious results. This is one a lot of women have heard all around the globe and it never stops being cheesy.

6.) “Don't go, stay here with me, don't break my heart” – Can any man pull this one off without it sounding cheesy? If he can I’d like to meet him, this one’s another staple of the bar scene and the go to line to get you to stay for at least one more drink.

7.) “You are the most beautiful girl in this bar” – Situational but can lead to hilarity at times, I had a friend who was told this despite being the only girl in the bar at the time. Later on the same man said it again to another women who came in afterwards. So I guess my friend was knocked down to second place. Cheesy? You bet it is but I’ll always be a fan.

8.) “How many camels can I buy you for” – Got to hand it to the Turks they have fun with their cultural stereotypes. It’s cheesy yes but will bring a smile to your face anyway.

9.) “Are you Real” – Another one you could easily have fun with if you played along. This is one pick-up line that even the person saying it never expects to work, I mean how can it it’s just so bad.

10.) “A free drink for a kiss” – Well it’s direct but does anyone ever take them up on the offer? If they’re still asking it I doubt it. So while you might not take the free drink you will at least get a laugh from how brazen the line is.

11.) “I am famous in this town, everyone knows me, I can get you anything” – Well it’s highly likely two of these things aren’t true and while they might be well known it likely won’t be because they’re a super hero of some kind. But still the cheesiness of this line takes it so far past bad that it comes back-round into good. 

It’s All In Good Fun
While some of the pick-up lines are a little brazen don’t be offended the guys saying them know they’re bad (well most of them do) and are saying them purely the break the ice and have a laugh with you.

While they might be a little on the cheeky side sometimes you’d be surprised how good they are at starting conversations even if the conversation starts with of how awful a pick-up line it was. Turkish men are on the whole very respectful and the pick-up lines are simply a way to break down walls and start a conversation.

Even if you’ve been to Turkey a lot it’s natural to feel a little nervous at times especially when visiting a crowded placed filled with locales, so these pick-up lines are a good way to break the tension and make you feel more at ease.

So let’s have a show of hands how many truly awful and cheesy pick- up lines have you heard during your Turkish holiday?



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