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One for the Road: A look at Turkish Beers

21st June 2015

Although Turkey isn’t known for its beer (its national drink is Raki) but beer aficionados have no fear because you’ll find a host of Turkish beers on tap. The best-selling and most popular Turkish beer is Efes Pilsen which is brewed in the Turkish city of Izmir. 

But while that’s the most common beer you’ll find around Turkish bars and clubs don’t worry if you’re not a fan of its taste, because you’ll find plenty more available. Let’s take an in-depth look at some examples of Turkish beer.

Efes Pilsen

Commonly referred to simply as Efes by locals this beer is a common fixture in most places that serve alcohol. Efes has a citrus aroma to it and is a clear golden colour when poured, it offers a sweet fruit flavour and light bodied taste.
While it might not be a truly unique taste and could be easily be written off as a light beer by people who prefer stronger bodied drinks, Efes is very drinkable and a good starting point for beer drinkers. You might find another beer that suits your pallet more but Efes is a good simple beer that lots of people stick with and enjoy.


Bomonti beer is very popular in Istanbul and it was actually the very first modern beer in Turkey created by the Helvatian Bomonti brothers in 1894. The beer is still made today following the original recipe.
Bomonti has a strong aroma of malts and grains, and a sweet grainy taste and is often found to be very refreshing by many beer drinkers. It also as a slight sour aftertaste that helps cleanse your pallet. Bomonti is a medium body beer that is perfect for those looking for a slightly stronger flavour without taking it to extremes.

Marmara Gold

Marmara Gold is a lighter beer that give a fruity citrus aroma, the scent of apples is quite strong with this beer. Marmara Gold offers a lighter body and a lighter taste and pours a light yellow golden colour. So it’s the perfect beer for people who don’t like strong tasting beers or for people who like to nurse their drinks.

International Flavour

We’ve only looked at a small selection of Turkish beers, there’s plenty more for you to take for a taste test during your holiday. But if you find that Turkish beer simply isn’t for you then don’t worry because you’ll find a whole host of international beers available.
Famous brands like: Millers, Carlsberg, Becks and Fosters are all available in most Turkish bars and clubs. So in the unlikely event of you not finding a Turkish beer to your liking you’ll always have one of your old favourites to drink.  



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