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Coffee Calamity: Turkish Coffee vs American Coffee

29th June 2015

A cup of coffee is the ideal way to the start the day and it crosses international barriers with ease no matter where you’re from the cup of coffee is something almost everyone will recognize.

But that doesn’t mean all coffee is the same far from it in fact. For example Turkish coffee is well known worldwide and is very different from many other types of coffee.

Let’s compare it with a another well known coffee namely American coffee, both these styles of coffee have their fans and critics so without further ado let’s take a look at our two coffee contenders.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee it has quite the reputation overseas, as it’s prepared quite differently from many other types of coffee. The coffee beans are roasted and then finely grounded, before being boiled in a pot.

It’s usually served with sugar and served in a cup where the beans are allowed to settle. Some people mistakenly believe Turkish coffee is made with a particular type of coffee bean, but it’s in fact a method of preparing coffee and can be made with a variety of different coffee beans.

Turkish coffee is very strong and is served in small sized cups, usually around a quarter of the cup will be composed of the beans and you won’t want to drink them.

While it may seem small the flavour and strength of the coffee makes up for limited amount you get per cup. Turkish coffee also as a layer of thick foam on top that is similar to the foam found on espressos but it offers quite a different taste.

American Coffee

American coffee is prepared drip-style meaning the ground coffee beans rest in a paper filter while hot water is pour over them, the coffee is slowly collected over time.

While this is the coffee of late night diners all across America it’s not exactly known for its exciting taste. Like Turkish coffee American style coffee is the name given to method of preparing the coffee and it can be made with a number of different coffee beans.

Opinion varies on American coffee widely some love it, some hate it and some drink it just for the caffeine that comes with it. It might not be very exciting or offer the same distinct flavour of Turkish coffee but millions drink it every day so it must be doing something right.

One plus in its favour is that often it comes in much larger servings than Turkish coffee.

So which is better?

Both these coffees will give you a shot of energy if that’s what you’re looking for. And while the flavour of Turkish coffee is more of an acquired taste it’s a more interesting and stronger taste overall.

And while it comes in smaller servings the richness of coffee and way it is prepared means that despite the difference is size it will likely contain just as much caffeine as a larger American serving. 

American style coffee just isn’t that exciting when you get down to it, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it but it just lacks the intensity in flavour of Turkish coffee and tastes dull when compared with it.

Turkish coffee is exciting and offers and intense flavour while American coffee isn’t bad but is average and when compared to the Turkish coffee it lacks the extra strength. 

So I’ am giving the win to Turkish coffee while American coffee is nice it simply can’t compare with the richer and stronger flavour of Turkish coffee.


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