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The heat is on: Top tips for staying cool

19th July 2013

When we are frolicking in the sun without a care in the world, we all think we know how to keep cool. Yet it is all too often easy to slip your mind.

As Donna Summer sang about Hot Stuff, we can certainly feel the heat out there. With temperatures promising to break the mercury across Europe, we are all reaching for shelter.

This is especially the case in Turkey. The high season is usually between the middle of June and mid-September around the Aegean region, but it can be extremely uncomfortable. 

July can reach dizzying heights of around 43 degrees Celsius or more, but the nation is well equipped to cope with the searing heat. This is thanks to a host of shops, bars and restaurants that are already fitted with air conditioning units. 

But it is not just our ice creams that are melting! Extreme warmth can cause a number of different ailments including heatstroke and dehydration. 

Therefore, plan ahead with our handy guide to staying as cool as a cucumber.

DO stay out of the sun
It is advisable to avoid the sun when it is at its most powerful, usually between 11am and 3pm in the afternoon. If you are out and about, then look for some shade and sidestep any physical activity if possible. 

DO wear loose clothing
Items such as linen trousers and lighter cotton garments are ideal in the sun as you will feel cooler whilst protecting your skin at the same time.

DON’T open the windows
By opening up all the windows in your home, it will allow hot air to enter. Therefore, if you have curtains, keep them closed in order to allow the cool air inside to circulate and keep the sun out. 

DON’T drink caffeinated drinks
We all may like a cuppa or a java boost to start the day, but it is best practice to lay off any tea, coffee or alcohol. This may lead to possible dehydration so make sure you drink plenty of water or how about a little Ayran? This popular Turkish drink blends together yoghurt, cold water and a touch of salt. Best served chilled, it is a popular way for many locals to keep hydrated!

DO replace essential salts
On a hot day, you may not realise but the amount of salt you lose in sweat needs to be replaced. This is because salt is utilised by cells to transfer different elements around your body including liquid and waste. To replace the salt in your system, add extra salt when you eat or drink an isotonic sports drink containing high levels of natural salt. 

DO take a tepid shower
Definitely one of the hottest pieces of advice to follow – not literally. Having a cool bath or shower will help reduce your overall body temperature. 

You can even fill a bottle of water with a pump so that you can spray yourself to assist in keeping refreshed.  

DON’T underestimate the sun
The intensity of the sun’s rays is a potent recipe for burning in Turkey. In this way, make sure you apply lotion every hour and if you have sensitive skin, slap on factor 30 or more.

Written by Simon Lazarus

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