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Tips for keeping cool during a heatwave in Turkey

9th July 2015

Turkey is well known and loved for its' hot weather, so while tourists and locals alike might be used to the heat in general, it does get rather hot during the Summer Months....

There are many ways to stay cool during this heat wave so let's look at some top tips for staying cool.

Cool Baths and Showers or just dive into the swimming pool!

Taking cool or cold baths or showers regularly is great way of keeping your bodies temperature down, plus it also leaves you feeling refreshed and alert. Of course if you're at work or out and about you won't always have the option of taking a bath or shower. However you could always splash you face with cold water from a sink, it's not going be quite as cooling as a bath or shower but it will do the job.

Drink Plenty

Drinking water is a must in these heat waves, it'll not only refresh you but rehydrate you and give you a boost.
Surprisingly, warm beverages might be a good way to keep you cool too. Although counter intuitive, drinking a warm beverage causes receptors in your mouth and throat to trigger a sweat response, allowing your body to cool down without having to ingest a large amount of the warm liquid. Active ingredients in spicy foods have the same effect; they too trigger a sweat response that allows the body to cool down. That’s why these types of foods are popular in warm climates.

Dress for the Heat

Loose fitting clothing is the best option and lighter colors are better for reflecting the heat. Hats and sun glasses are also useful for protection against the heat. You'll also want to make sure you have suntan lotion for protection against sunburn.

Avoid the Heat when Possible

The day is typically hottest from 12:00 to 3:00 PM (this can vary at times) so you should try to avoid going out in the sun during these times. Again this may not always be possible so if you have to go out during these times or if your on holiday and want to enjoy the sun. However, do make sure you are adequately prepared for the heat. It's gets extremely hot in Turkey during high season.

Keep your Home / Hotel Room Cool

There's many ways to go about this from opening your windows, to keeping you blinds closed and using the air-conditioning to cool down.

Remember Everyone is at Risk

While it's true that some groups of people are more at risk during a heatwave than others, everyone is definitely at risk. Older people, young children and people with health issues are more at risk but that doesn't mean everyone else can go about as normal. Even if you're someone with a high tolerance for heat don't ignore it. Make sure you keep your self hydrated and keep your home and workplace cool.

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