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Enjoy Turkish Nature - Turkey's National Parks

24th July 2015

Turkey is famed for its many beaches and while taking a walk down the beach (or simply sunbathing instead) is one of the things everyone will no doubt be planning on doing during their holiday you’ll find that there’s more to Turkey’s scenery than just beaches.

Taking a peaceful walk through one of Turkey’s breath-taking national parks is something everyone should make time for, plus it’s something the whole family will enjoy. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, nature photography, or even run some rapids. Or you can simply take a peaceful walk and be alone with your thoughts.

But with so many parks to choose from where do you start? Well to help let’s take a look at my top 4 picks for the best national parks in Turkey.

4. Bird Paradise National Park
Made a national park in 1959 and also known as Manyas Bird Paradise, this national park is sure to be a big hit for nature and animal lovers. Bird Paradise National Park is located about 20KM from city of Bandirma, the park features lush trees and plant life, frogs and fish.
The other draw of this national park is of course the visiting birds, an estimated 246 different species of birds visit the park and it truly is a paradise for bird watchers. Viewing towers and a museum dedicated to the visiting birds is also located on the park so there’s plenty for you to see and do while visiting.

3. Kackar Mountains National Park
Kackar Mountains have an elevation of 3972 meters giving it the highest summit of the Black Sea. This is one of the most popular mountaineering spots in Turkey, and is home to the Kackar Mountains National Park.
This national park is founded in one of Turkey’s rainiest forests and his home to rich meadows and beautiful streams and views. The Kackar Mountains National Park is situated in the Rize province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. There’s plenty to do at this national park from hiking, camping, rock climbing or if you prefer less sporty activities like nature photography.

2.  Koprulu Canyon National Park
Koprulu Canyon National Park is the ideal location to enjoy some beautiful scenery and enjoy some intense water rafting. Or if you prefer you can explore some ancient ruins in this very popular national park.
Declared a national park in 1973 this popular location is found 50 km north of Antalya in the Manavgat district. And rafting beneath the historic Roman bridges in Koprulu Canyon is something everyone should try at least once.

1. Yedigoller National Park
Located to the north of the Bolu province you’ll find this wondrous urban wonderland called Yedigoller National Park. The park is famed for its seven small lakes and beautiful variety of plants and trees. In includes: beeches, oaks, elms and fir trees and the land is covered in a wide variety of herbs and other plant life.

Yedigoller National Park is also popular for animal lovers and you’ll find a host of different animals residing there like: wolves, pigs, deer and foxes. The views and wildlife is truly enchanting and you can take peaceful hike to explore it all at your leisure or indulge in some nature photography and painting.



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