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The Traveler's Guide – Accommodation in Turkey

28th July 2015

Deciding where to stay on your holiday to Turkey is a difficult decision, and I’ am not talking about simply trying to decide between different hotels.

While the hotel is clearly the most popular choice for tourists there’s plenty of other places to stay if you feel like trying something a little different.

Let’s take a look at some of the places to stay in Turkey, there’s a place to suit all budgets and preferences. 

Luxury Hotels/ Yali's

If you’ve got the budget and want to relax in the lap of luxury then you’ll find range up-market hotel chains. Typically these are confined to the big cities and resort areas like: Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir as well as other larger Turkish cities. 

Luxury Turkish hotels will almost always have a picturesque view and a host of other facilities like: pools, gyms, sports facilities and some even have traditional Turkish baths. Most of these luxury hotels will also have their own daily entertainment and some even arrange their own tours around local areas of interest.

Running along the Bosporus strait you'll also find a number of amazing luxury hotels called Yali hotels. These hotels come with a high price tag but they offer so much in return, amazing facilities for sports and fitness, swimming pools, massage service, Turkish baths and high quality restaurants are just some of the many perks of staying in a Yali hotel.

There are currently 14 Yali hotels in Istanbul.

Some of these Hotels include:-

Four Seasons Bosphorus, besiktas, 166 rooms
Bebek Hotel, bebek 21
Bosphorus Palace Hotel, beylerbeyi, 14
fuat pasa hotel. buyukdere 56

Budget Hotels/ Pansiyons

There’s a wide range of budget hotels and motels in Turkey, you may also find some Pansiyons that are more like private houses where you can rent a room.

While most budget hotels will still provide a great service they are budget for a reason and may have limited facilities 

This could include things like communal washing so make sure to ask about the facilities first before booking a room. Pansiyons on the other hand are usually family run establishments that act similar to private houses, some provide only small services while some are similar to hotels and provide a vast range of them. 

Hostels/ Student Lodgings 

Turkey as many youth hostels and student lodgings and even initiated its own state-sponsored youth travel scheme in 2000 for students aged between 18 and 26. Students have access to selected hostels, university dormitories (during university holidays) and even camp sites at a reduced cost. 

While these places may not have all the features you’d ideally like they are great for travelling backpackers and students who are travelling on a limited budget. If you want to use these facilities you’ll need to have a valid International Student Identity or Youth Hostel Association card. 

Camping and Caravanning

Caravanning and camping holidays are becoming more and more popular in Turkey, with new camping grounds being developed annually. In certain parts of Turkey you might also find bungalows for rent so you can enjoy the nature and scenery without the restricted space.

Camping doesn’t have to be all hard grounds and insects thought you could also decide to go “glamping” instead. Why not enjoy a few luxuries while enjoying the wonderous Turkish nature? Inside the Kabak Valley you'll find a number of Turkish camp ground and sites that have been set up, the Reflections Camp is just one of these and it offers a number of extra facilities.

Facilities like; free Wi-Fi, chill out zones, eat areas, an on site bar and luggage and laundry service. Other camp sites around the Kabak Valley offer similar services as well as the other camping grounds around Turkey.

So if you wan't to enjoy Turkish nature but don't want to lose all your creature comforts then a Turkish glamping holiday is no doubt the right thing for you.

Camping and caravanning is only allowed in designated areas so be sure to check with the Turkish Camping and Caravanning associated before parking a caravan or pitching tent on the beach.



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