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Awesome Istanbul Amusement Parks

5th August 2015

Taking a trip to an amusement park is something everyone can enjoy, and while Turkey might not be famed for its theme parks like some other popular holiday locations, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fine selection of them to visit during your holiday.

It’s a common mistake to assume amusement parks are all about rollercoasters and fast rides, they can be many things from aquariums, gardens, festivals and much more. So let’s look at some of the best examples of amusements parks in Turkey.

Located in the district of Eyup, Istanbul Vialand is sometimes referred to as Turkey’s answer to Disneyland. It features numerous rides and attractions that both kids and adults will love, including a Safari Tunnel and on site Jet Skis.

Don’t worry if you’re not fans of rides though because there’s also an on-site shopping mall with over 200 shops and boutiques. So whether you want to enjoy some fast (or slow) paced rides, hit the shops or simply soak up the joyous atmosphere while enjoying a bite to eat, then Vialand is the place to go. READ MORE ABOUT Vialand Istanbul

Istanbul Aquarium
Located in Florya district of Bakirkoy, Istanbul the Istanbul Aquarium is the perfect place to visit for both adults and kids. You’ll find hundreds of beautiful examples of different species of fish and other sea creatures.

There’s also and on site restaurant so you can enjoy a high quality meal while exploring the aquarium. Another of the great features of the Istanbul Aquarium is the two 5D movie theatres that create live effects like wind, fog and rain. So if you’re looking for an amusement park that’s fun, educational and relaxing then the Istanbul Aquarium is must see. READ MORE ABOUT Istanbul Aquarium

Jurassic Land
Jurassic Land can be found in the Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul and is sure to be an amusement park the whole family will enjoy visiting. There’s a number of fascinating exhibits and dinosaur skeletons to see and the park is home to Turkey’s largest 4 dimensional cinema.

No a fan of dinosaurs? Then don’t worry Jurassic Land also as a laser tag arena and a variety of sports courts. So you can enjoy a game of tennis, basketball or football. A day at Jurassic Land is both a fun and educational experience for everyone.

Miniatürk also known as the miniature park is an interesting and different type of amusement park to visit that will be both fun and educational for adults and children. Located to the north east of the Golden Horn waterway in Istanbul, the Miniatürk is one of the world’s largest miniature parks.

A miniature park is an amusement park that features detailed mini sculptures of a countries famous land marks, you’ll find professionally built wonderfully detailed miniatures of places like the Galta Tower, The Temple of Artemis and other famous Turkish landmarks. READ MORE ABOUT Miniatürk



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