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The cost of using your UK mobile phone in Turkey

7th August 2015

UK mobile & Data Roaming Charges for Turkey

Around 2.5 million British nationals travel to Turkey each year. Before you jump on the plane though, it is a good idea to check your mobile phone’s contract to know the costs you may incur when using a UK cellphone in Turkey – particularly data costs. If you want to know how bad the bill could be, check out this recent example of a bill worth almost £22,000 after a two-week holiday to Kuşadası.

Remember, Turkey is not part of the EU, so most roaming packages available for the region will not apply while you are in Turkey. Below is a table of data deals for the major UK carriers to give you an idea of the costs involved for internet access while in Turkey (compiled in July 2015). To give some context to these numbers (source):


·       visiting a website uses less than 1MB of data

·       a four minute song uses about 6MB

·       a five minute YouTube video could use up to 15MB

·       watching iPlayer for an hour uses about 700MB.

Vodafone has a useful online tool to help you understand how much data you may need per day.
The information provided above is provided on an all care and no responsibility basis. Please contact your mobile carrier to discuss your specific options and applicable costs.

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