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Guide for Rental Accommodation in Turkey

10th August 2015

If you are looking around for a new home, either to rent or buy, you will likely find some great looking places, with adverts written in Turkish. Here is some useful vocabulary to help you decipher the advert and discover a new home for you and your family. And don’t forget to negotiate!

For other mystery words in the advert, Tureng is always a useful translation resource.

When you are considering your options, pay particular attention to the currency the rental is paid in relative to the currency you are being paid in. If your rent is due in a foreign currency and the Lira loses value against that currency, you may find yourself paying more in rent as the lease goes on.

Some useful websites to help with your search include:

• (Be wary of higher prices than other sites though)

Rental Vocab

Acenta komisyonu - Agency fee
Aidat - Monthly kapıcı fee
Apartman - Building or residence
Arsa - Vacant lot
Asansör - Lift
Aylık kira bedeli - Monthly rental amount

Bahçe - Garden
Bahçe Katı - Garden or ground floor
Bahçe - Garden
Balkon - Balcony
Banyo - Bathroom
Banyo Sayısı - Number of Bathrooms
Beyaz Eşya - White goods, appliances
Bina Yaşı - Building age
Bina - Building
Binadaki Kat Sayısı - Number of floors in the building
Bodrum, Bodrum Kat - Basement, basement floor
Boş - Empty

Çatı katı - Top floor

Daire - Flat
Deposit - Rental deposit
Doğalgaz - Natural gas
Duş - Shower

Emlakçı - Real estate agency
Envanter - Inventory
Eski bina - Old building
Ev - House
Ev sahibi - Owner
Ev sigortası - Home insurance

Fiyat Aralığı - Price range

Garaj - Garage
Giriş katı - Ground floor
Günlük Kiralık - Daily rental

Isıtma - Heating

Kapıcı - Concierge/doorman
Kira - Rent
Kira bedeli - Rental Amount
Kira müddeti - Rent period
Kira sözleşmesi - Rental agreement
Kiracı - Tenant
Kiracılı - Rented
kiralik - For rent
Klima - Air conditioner
Konut - Residential housing

Mahallesi - District
Manzara - View
Mobilya - Furniture
Mobilyalı daire - Furnished flat
Mobilyasız daire - Unfurnished flat
Mutfak - Kitchen
Mülk Sahibi - Landlord

Oda - Room
Oda sayısı - Number of rooms excluding living room
Ortak Giderler - Common Expenditures

sahibinden - From owner
Sahip/Sahibi - Owner, landlord
Salon - Living room
satılık - For sale

Yatakodası - Bedroom
Yeni bina - New building
Yerden Isıtma - Under-floor heating
Yönetici - Building manager

Zemin, Zemin Katı - Ground floor



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