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Looking to move to Turkey? – Check out the most popular Turkish cities for Expats

17th August 2015

During May 2014 and October 2014 according to official government statistics approximately 10,173 Turkish properties were sold to foreigners and in the first ten months of 2014 a total of 15,417 properties were sold to foreigners.

While this may not seem like much it’s an increase of 66 percent on 2013’s numbers, and the growth is likely to continue as Turkey’s popularity amongst foreigners grows. So the question is where in Turkey is the popular place for expats to live?

Travelling the Regions of Turkey

Turkey is split into 7 distinctive regions: The Eastern Anatolian, Central Anatolia, the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Marmara, South-eastern Anatolia and the Aegean region. All the regions have similarities but they are in many ways quite different from one another.

One of the most popular regions amongst expats looking to live in Turkey is Istanbul followed by Antalya in the Mediterranean. If you’ve ever holidayed in Istanbul or Antalya this probably won’t surprise you, in fact the more popular holiday tourist cities are usually also the places most expats want to make their new home when they move to Turkey.

The Mediterranean is popular for retired couples or those investing in property and is particularly popular with British, Dutch, German and Russian expats. While Istanbul is Turkey’s real hub for expats. There’s more work opportunities in Istanbul and it’s where the most properties are sold. It’s also a popular choice amongst students due to the many universities and studying opportunities.

Istanbul is not just popular with westerners either many foreign nationals from the middle east are also buying up homes in Istanbul. Part of the appeal of Turkey and in particular Istanbul is the friendly multicultural society that work and live there in harmony.

What are Expats looking For?

When we look at the more popular cities expats want to make their new homes there’s some noticeable similarities between them. Most of them are located to the west of the Turkey and are popular tourist’s spots and big cities.
English is also widely spoken in many of these popular choices, the regions of Kusadasi and Didim are in particular quite popular with British expats.

The prices of property in places like Didim are also generally cheaper which could also be a reason for their popularity with expats. Expats are all looking for different things though and will likely be attracted to different parts of Turkey depending entirely on what they’re looking for. And Turkey really does have something for everyone, expats from all over the globe are starting their new lives in Turkey.

For example you’ll find many British, Dutch, German, Russian, English, Arab, American and many other expats all around Turkey.

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