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Tips for Finding work in Turkey

25th August 2015

Finding a new job is a daunting prospect at the best of times but picture this you’ve just moved to Turkey leaving behind your old home and lifestyle. Whether you’ve made the move with your friends, family or just made the move on your own one of the first things you’re going to have to do, as a young expat, is find a job.

Work Permits

Foreigners should apply for a Turkish work permit in their own country to the Consulate of the Republic of Turkey. There are 4 types of work permit that you can apply for: work permits for a definite period of time, permits for an indefinite period of time, Independent work permits and permits for exceptional cases.

Although you can apply for a work permit in Turkey its self If you have held a residence permit for 6 months or more. For more detailed information about applying for a Turkish work permit you can check out
YellAli’s guide here.

So where can expats find Work?

The bigger Turkish cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir & Antalya are more popular with expats who have relocated to Turkey for work.

So what types of work can expats expect to find? The sectors of tourism and teaching are the more common to find work in. Many expats also can find work opportunities in a number of multinational companies that cross a wide variety of different fields.

You can also find opportunities in the fields of: engineering, general ICT, human resources, business, marketing and sales. Holiday reps and English teachers are particularly popular job choices for expats looking for work. Although for the latter you will need some qualifications if you want to explore the avenue of employment fully.

There are of course many other fields you could find work in, so don’t think these are your only options but in general these are the more popular fields for expats looking for work. There are also some fields of work that as an expat you won’t be allowed to work in these are as follows.

Work in the fields of: diving, maritime navigation, general work on ships, wreckage extraction, fish exportation and the exportation of other sea creatures. Other occupations that are prohibited are: midwifery, dentistry, veterinary work, pharmacy work, work as a security guard and also work as a judge, lawyer or prosecutor.

Tips for finding Work

The best way to find professional work in Turkey is by going to recruitment companies in major cities or by checking out the large recruitment websites.  (in Turkish)

There’s also a number of other websites (in English) you could explore. Websites like are useful if you’re looking for teaching work.
While general jobs sites like and Turkey’s version of indeed are also a couple of good options you can use.

Note - Some people and online forums may also recommend asking around at bars and restaurants for any available work.

However this is not a good idea because actually getting working permission for these types of tourism jobs is not at all easy and many people end up working illegally for cash in hand. Sometimes they may not even be aware that they’re working illegally, so it’s not advised to look for work in this way.

The most important bits of advice I can give you is to be positive and determined, while it might take you a while never give up hope you’ll eventually find something so think positive. You should also make sure you have enough saved up to tide yourself over for while so you don’t run into any money troubles during your early days in Turkey.

Do you need assistance with a work permit ?
Contact us here to discuss further.

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