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Plastic Surgery in Turkey

4th February 2013 , Adana, Aladağ

Updated January 2019

Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever, with today’s modern society wanting to have the perfect body beautiful…. and where are we going to……..Turkey!

Turkey with its highly trained surgeons and competitive prices ranks amongst the top ten in the world for cosmetic surgery.
Medical tourism is becoming more acceptable assessable and desirable than ever before, more and more patients are choosing cosmetic holidays, taking advantage of reduced plastic surgery costs.

So why choose Turkey?

Turkey has grown into a renowned and trusted cosmetic surgery center in Europe, boasting certified doctors in plastic surgery, medical surgery, laser eye surgery and dental treatments. Turkey has more JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited health care facilities than anywhere outside of the USA. Private clinics and surgeries are new, modern and clean with state of the art equipment. The doctors, dentists and surgeons are trained to the same high standards as Europe and worldwide professionals and many are fluent English speaking. Turkey out ranks the UK, France, Spain and Canada, to name but a few, in terms of qualified surgeons, certified clinics and cosmetic popularity.
Turkey’s main advantage - competitive prices.
Savings of up to 50% compared to costs in the Uk, USA and Europe, it’s no wonder that Turkeys appeal is on the increase. The Turkish ministry of health reported a 70 percent rise of foreign visitors receiving treatment in Turkey since 2007. Turkey now treats nearly a quarter of a million foreign patients each year.

Many private cosmetic clinics and hospitals offer package treatments, which include transport from the airport, luxury accommodation and all surgery and hospital costs as well as checkups, these offers are becoming increasingly popular and are attracting many foreigner visitors.

Price comparison, the most popular cosmetic procedures:-

UK Private Clinic

Lipoplasty £2500-£4000

Breast augmentation £4000

Rhinplasty (nose re-shaping) £3000-£5000

Face Lift £4000-£6000

Turkey Private Clinic

Lipoplasty £1000-£2000

Breast augmentation £2000 - £3000

Rhinplasty (nose re-shaping) £2000

Face Lift £3000

Turkey’s high standards

All clinics and hospitals must comply with Turkeys strict codes for the cosmetic sector. Turkeys Ministry of Health regulates all the clinics and hospitals in Turkey, and each must meet the ministry’s high standards and requirements.

Not anyone can practice, before becoming a certified surgeon in Turkey, there is a lot of training which needs to completed, this is a long process.  Once a student has graduated from medical school students must take various exams in order to become a Cosmetic Surgeon and qualify for admittance to the Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Program, this process takes up to six and a half years, after which students are given the title of Certified Plastic Surgeon, MD.  All Cosmetic surgeons need be members of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. As well as other international accreditations, ISAPS International society of Aesthetic plastic surgery and EURAPS European association of plastic surgeons.
Turkey is investing heavily in its private health care sector. With this thriving industry and more advanced procedures becoming common practice, Turkey is a strong contender to rival any leading medical tourism destinations. The future of Turkey’s cosmetic industry will just keep getting stronger.


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