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Top 10 Blogs for Expats in Turkey

15th September 2015

Please see below our most popular expat related blogs on :-

We hope you find them useful.

1. 14 things only an Expat living in Turkey would understand
A collection of 14 small points that annoy most expats.

2. From Expat to Native – 12 Signs you have become a true local in Turkey
12 comical signs you may recognise after living in Turkey for a while.

3. Private Health Insurance vs SGK - Turkey
Some points to consider when choosing either private or government health insurance.

4. Pay monthly for Private Health Insurance in Turkey
Payment options for Groupama Sigorta FIT insurance.

5. How to learn Turkish
Beginners guide to learning the basics of the Turkish Language.

6. Prepaid Paypal Card in Turkey
Credit card alternative - For online shopping in Turkey.

7. TURKISH WORK PERMIT - Why it is so Important (Updated)
Important points and information about working in Turkey.

8. Living in Turkey - Why you chose to retire to Turkey
A collection of 9 light-hearted reasons why most expats moved to Turkey.

9. Expats – Building a new social life abroad – Destination Turkey
Advice on how to make friends in Turkey and get involved in local communities.

10. How to spot—and avoid—fake alcohol in Turkey
Informative post about the dangers of fake alcohol in Turkey and how to avoid them.



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