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Top 5 Turkish Souvenirs

21st September 2015

Everyone loves a good souvenir, it’s the perfect little memento of your holiday, for example when you’re back at work typing you can take a quick look at the souvenir on your desk and instantly be reminded of your stress free time where all you had to worry about was enjoying yourself.

Turkish souvenirs come in all shapes, sizes and styles and they aren’t just things to get for your friends or family either many people love going souvenir shopping for themselves. But with such a massive selection on offer how do you decide what to buy?

Before you start searching for souvenirs you should know that items more than 100 years old are forbidden to leave Turkey, so if you’re looking for antiques make sure they are less than 100 years old. 

My Picks for the Top 5 Turkish Souvenirs
It wasn’t easy but I’ve managed to whittle it down to just 5 great examples of Turkish souvenirs, they’re all quite different so will suit a range of different tastes and interests.

Turkish Rugs and Textiles
Turkish rugs and carpets are famed for a reason, shopping around Turkey you’ll find glorious examples of craftsmanship in these rugs and carpets. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is home to dozens of carpet and rug stalls, but don’t worry if searching through the Grand Bazaar isn’t on your holiday plans you’ll find plenty of shops in Turkey with their own selection of rugs and carpets.
If you don’t have the space for a rug or carpet then don’t despair because you’ll find other wondrous examples of Turkish textiles for sale. These include things like: pillowcases, handkerchiefs and wall hangings.

Turkish Lamps
While they may not be as famed as the Turkish rug, Turkish lamps are still a popular souvenir choice amongst tourists. These lovingly crafted multi-coloured lamps can be found all around Turkey and come in many shapes, styles and sizes.
You could go for a small candle holder or desk sized lamp that can cost as little as a few Turkish liras to much bigger and complex pieces. One small thing to remember is that depending on where you live you might need to get an adapter to plug your lamp in once you get home.

Turkish Ceramics
Turkish ceramics come in all sorts of patterns and designs you can find wondrous examples of Turkish ceramics all around Turkey and they make great souvenirs. Jugs, plates, bowls, cups, tea sets and much more can be found in shops and stalls.
Traditional mosaic designs with intricately detailed patterns are the hallmark of Turkish ceramics, and you’ll find hundreds of different patterns. The price you can expect to pay really does vary massively and it depends on many factors.
Handmade pieces created by professionals will clearly cost a lot more than machine made pieces, so you could spend anything from a handful of lira’s to hundreds depending on the quality you’re looking for.

The Evil Eye
The Blue Eye also known as the evil eye or to give it its Turkish name the Nazar Boncugu is a symbol you’ll likely see dotted around Turkey. The symbol is said to protect its owner against envy and bad will.
You’ll find the symbol worked into all sorts of different things like jewellery and ornaments of different sizes and styles. You can also find charm like key rings featuring the eye for only a few liras, which isn’t a bad price to pay for protection against bad will.

Turkish Spices
Turkish spices are the extra ingredient of Turkish cooking most Turkish dishes will have some extra spice thrown in. There’s a large variety of Turkish spices available many of which are only available in Turkey.
Spices might seem like a strange souvenir but they’ll give people the opportunity to get a taste of Turkish cooking and taste first hand some unique Turkish flavours. You can find Turkish spices sold in lots of different shops, but if you’d rather buy some loose then you should try to find a specialist spice shop or stall.   

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