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Emergency Services in Turkey

29th September 2015

The importance of the emergency services is something we all know, however while we may all know about our home countries emergency services it’s surprising how many people don’t research a foreign countries.

This might be understandable if you’re only going on a short visit, after all many people don’t factor in an emergency services phone call into their holiday plans. However people who are staying in Turkey for extended periods of time or even relocating there should make sure they get a good grip on the emergency services. 

Tukey’s Emergency Services
Let’s take a look at the three primary emergency services. To give you some advice on how you should use them we’ve also included a little scenario with some Turkish language you should try to learn:-

Police - 155
Dialling 115 anywhere in Turkey will put you in contact with the police, the person on the phone will ask about your emergency and ask for your location. While it’s possible the person on the phone may also speak English you shouldn’t assume they will, so you should learn some keywords in Turkish to better communicate.

English: Help robbery my address is…………… Turkish: Yardım edin soygun yapılan adres……………

Above is a small example of how to ask for help in Turkish the bolded words means robbery, you should try to learn a few other words for other crimes. But if you’re struggling while on the phone then at least make sure you ask for help and give your address.

Ambulance - 122
Dialling 112 anywhere in Turkey to request an ambulance or report any other kind of medical emergency. Because there are many types of medical emergencies you should try to be precise so the medical services can let the ambulance know in advance what the problem is.
You should again ask for help and give your address/ location.

English: Help my address is……… Turkish: Yardım edin adresim…………

And then try to tell the person on the phone a little more about the problem. Below is a list of keywords you should try to learn just in case.

Bleeding – Kanama, Heart Attack – Kalp Krizi, In Labour – Kasılma, Faint – Bayılma, Unconscious – Bilinç Kaybı, Accident – Kaza.

Fire Department - 110
Dialling 110 anywhere in Turkey will put you in contact with the Turkish fire department. Once again you should again ask for help and then give your address, although this time you should make sure to mentioned the word fire. If it’s your home or car that’s on fire you could also try some of the other sentences below.

English: The house is on fire.              Turkish: Ev yanıyor
English: The car is on fire.                   Turkish: Araba yanıyor

Other Services
There’s numerous other emergency services you can call if you need emergency assistance in Turkey, below is a list of other useful numbers and key words you should try to learn.

Any Emergency – Dial 112 anywhere in Turkey, you’ll then be redirected to the emergency service you need.

Jandarma – Dial 156 in Turkey’s rural areas will put you in contact with the Jandarma. This is a military force in charge of police duties in civilian populations. 

Coast Guard – Dial 158 anywhere in Turkey, to get into contact with the coast guard. 

Forest Fire – Dial 177 anywhere in Turkey to report a forest fire. 

Tourism Info – Dialling 170 anywhere in Turkey to contact the tourist information service.

Useful Keywords 
Fire – Yangın, Drowning – Boğulma, Burn – Yanma, Forest Fire – Orman Yangını, Emergency – Acil Durum,
Hurt – Zarar, Thief – Hırsız, Lost – Kayıp, Help – Yardım edin

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