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Getting Married in Turkey - Legal Requirements for British Citizens

6th October 2015

Getting Married in Turkey - Legal Requirements for British Citizens

Residents in the UK

The process for UK residents is quite simple, you’ll first have to complete the bilingual Affidavit form and sign it. The signing of the form will have to be witnessed in person by a notary of the public in the UK.

The Affidavits for both parties will then be sent to the FCO Legislation Department in Milton Keynes. Once the Legislation Department as legalised the papers they will submit the necessary documentation to your marriage office.

see this link; to be legalised.

Residents in Turkey

If you’re a British citizen living in Turkey then the process will be slightly different, first you’ll need to complete the bilingual Affidavit form and then make an appointment with the British Embassy in Ankara or the British consulate in Izmir, Istanbul or Antalya.

The signing of the Affidavit will have to be witnessed in person at the embassy or the consulate. The Affidavit will then be sent to be legalised at either the MFA or the Governor’s office. Once it’s been legalised the validity period is 180 days.

The local marriage office in whichever area you choose to get married in will need to see the legalised affidavit and your passports as well as other documentation which we have laid out below.

Required Documentation

•    The completed and legalised Affidavit - AFFIDAVIT FORM HERE

•    A full birth certificate and passport. Both documents need to translated into Turkish by a certified notary or by the Turkish embassy or consulate. 

•    A divorce/death certificate of a previous spouse if one of the parties was married before.

•    A health certificate that was issued following a medical examination at the State Medical Institution.

•    Six passport-size photographs.

•    Deed Poll documentation if one of the parties birth name has been officially change.

•    An adoption certificate if one of the parties was adopted.

•    A letter of consent from a parent or guardian if under 18.

•    An accommodation document. This will only be needed if you are a foreign couple not residing in Turkey. You will need to provide a letter from the hotel you are staying at that clearly states the duration of your stay and your departure date.

*Additional supporting documentation may also be required

Please note; Since March 2014 British nationals that are marrying in Turkey no longer need a Certificate of No Impediment in the UK or Turkey. Instead they will sign the Affidavit of Martial Status form, if both parties getting married are British nationals then they will need to sign two forms, one in each name.


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