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British TV Options in Turkey Explored

12th October 2015

Television is an important part of many people's lives and expats will no doubt miss English television.  There’s always DVD releases but many people like to watch programs as they air and not everything is going to be on DVD. But there are a few ways expats can watch their favourite shows and channels in Turkey.

Watching British Television

There are a few ways expats can go about watching their favourite channels no matter whereabouts in the world they are. So whether you want to keep tabs on your home countries news and soap operas or want to enjoy that antiques program you used to watch every Sunday evening then have no worries because you still might be able to.


FilmOn allows remote viewing of local television channels worldwide. By using FilmOn you can easily use your laptop, tablet or television to watch many television channels from all around the world including channels like: BBC One, BBC Two, FOX, CBS and many more.

However if you want to watch FilmOn directly from your TV then you’ll need a smart TV or you can opt to sync other devices with your TV. No matter how you decide to watch FilmOn a strong internet connection is also needed for the best results.

FilmOn is growing in popularity because it’s free and can be used almost anywhere in the world, it streams the channels live so if there’s a particular program you’ll want to watch you’ll have to make sure you get your timing right. However it does also have an On Demand selection of movies, documentaries and other shows that you can watch at any time.

Tonkstv (IPTV)

Tonkstv works in a similar way to FilmOn but rather than being a website you access for channels, Tonkstv is actually a television media centre software package that can be installed on your, windows, apple or android device.

Tonkstv gives you access to a wide variety of English TV channels and as a similar set up to Sky TV (which expats from the UK will be familiar with) Tonkstv also comes with a multitude of TV boxset and movies that you can watch as well.
Because Tonkstv can only be installed on laptops and macs it would require you to sync your device with your television if you wanted to watch on a bigger screen.

IPTV Set-Top Box MAG250

IPTV Set-top box MAG250 is a name that might be familiar to you, they have a range of different set top boxes that allow you to access television channels from all around the globe. The MAG250 model is one that is quite popular with expats and can be found online at varying prices.

The upside to a set top box like the MAG250 is that it is set up directly to your television so you can avoid syncing from one device to another. It also comes with a multitude of features like video on demand services, web browsing and HD capabilities among others.
See prices and models here

Android Box, XMBC box and UKTV-Turkey

Android Box is similar to the MAG250 set top box however using the Android Box also allows you to easily sync your android device to your television so you can easily stream movies, videos and games to your television screen.

The XMBC box works in a similar way to other set top boxes we’ve looked at, it works by connecting it to your TV and then streaming a multitude of content through the internet directly to your television.

UKTV-Turkey is a company that provides set top box devices which allows you to access live English television channels as well as on demand movies, TV shows and UK radio. UKTV-Turkey also lets you record live television, but does require an internet connection of at least 2mpbs to run smoothly.

This is just a small sample of the many set top box devices out there, they all have their similarities and differences but one thing to be aware of is that to access all their features you might need to change your VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network in order to access some content (like the BBC iPlayer) you’ll need a UK registered VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to access certain sites/ features depending whereabouts in the world you are. You can change your VPN in a number of ways and we’ll take a look at once such way now.

Hotspot Shield

The Hotspot Shield is a software package that changes your computers VPN and reroutes your internet connection through a UK IP address. This enables you to access sites you wouldn't normally be able to in Turkey.

By using the Hotspot shield you would be able to access UK video streaming sites like the BBC iPlayer and channel 5 on demand through your computer or laptop.

*Disclaimer - This article is not an endorsement of these methods and as such we do not take any liability for damage or loss that may occur.

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