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25 Things British Expats Experience While Living in Turkey

20th October 2015

Here are 25 Things British Expats Experience While Living in Turkey;

1. Having to politely say, “I’ll come back” or “I’ll think about it” when pressed to buy something you really don’t want. We Brits are a polite bunch

2. Feeling really pleased when you correctly pronounce a Turkish word or even better a whole sentence – Just like a Pro!

3. Wondering why no-one else say’s ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ after every other word – Are the Turks rude or are we over polite?

4. Having a Turk invade your personal space and not knowing how to react or what to do.  How do you say; “We’re not touchy-feely people in Turkish”

5. If you have a regional accent it can be quite funny teaching a Turkish person how to say an English word and hearing them say it back to you in your accent! – ‘Shudder is that what I sound like? Al’wight mate!’

6. Receiving your Residence Permit or Work Permit as per Turkish government instructions and feeling epic! Apparently the system does work!

7. Internet speed or lack of – Being determined to leave TTNet but not having a clue how to cancel it – “ok I’ll stay with them one more month to see if it improves”

8. Feeling like the World just ended if ‘Filmon’ goes down.


Being prepared for Internet mishaps with your own VPN server – And it was worth every penny! #Twitterclosedagain

10. Feeling incredibly patriotic and proud to be British but would rather burn your own passport than live in the UK. (Ok perhaps the last part was an overreaction, but honestly you really don’t want to live in the UK again.)

11. Not having to think about Christmas (until it actually is Christmas) or having it rammed down your throat from September onwards – WOW, what a fabulous feeling!

12. Getting frustrated with the bureaucracy of Turkey. Enough said.

13. Wondering what to do with all the stray and abandoned dogs in Turkey – I’ve adopted 4 dogs now Hmmm maybe I can build a large kennel in my garden and pack a few more in…  

14. Showing off your Turkish skills to all your friends and family back home – OK so you messed up most of it, but who cares it sounded impressive!

15. The wonderful moment when you discover a favourite UK food item is now being sold at your local store and telling all your friends about it.

16. Feeling privileged when a local shop keeper say’s ‘Pay me later’ ‘money no problem’, and not being able to sleep until you’ve paid them back!

17. Forgetting the English language – Unfortunately having to compromise your vocabulary and shorten your words for Turkish friends or a partner is really starting to notice!

18. Loving Turkish food, but needing ‘Good Ol’ English food’ and panicking if you can’t get it. What Is One To Do? I’m craving for a Sunday roast dinner, a cheddar cheese sandwich #crisis

19. Signing your own signature more times in one sitting than in your entire lifetime when opening a bank account.

20. Epic Fail – Joking with a local and realising they just don’t get the British sense of humour and the awkward silence afterwards.  Shortly followed by you explaining you where just kidding. "Ah. Tumbleweed moment – Yeah."

21. Feeling deflated when speaking your best Turkish and being asked to repeat it again in English –You now feel less confident and positive about your linguistic skills! Dam!

22. Seeing sun burnt tourist roaming around in the height of summer and thinking ‘crazy’ – Hmmm actually once upon a time that was me


Knowing the price is going to be more expensive the moment you open your mouth and speak English… And not knowing how to avoid it.

24. Discovering Turkish time (like that was fun) and now using it to your own advantage occasionally - 30-45 minutes late is quite acceptable nowadays.

25. Paying over the odds for English tea bags in Turkey or asking every friend or family member who visits you; ‘don’t forget the tea bags’…
Because let’s be honest nothing beats this;


So Brits Expats what have you experienced whilst living in Turkey?

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