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Ancient Turkey - Discover Turkey's Famous Ancient Sites

25th October 2015

Turkey is a rich historical landscape and there are many sites you can visit that will both astound and wonder you. There are many ancient sites around Turkey that offer glimpses into the past so whether you’re a budding archaeologist or simply have an interest in ancient ruins then make sure you take the time to visit these ancient sites.

Aphrodisias is located in the basin of the Meander River it sits in a secluded valley roughly 100 miles southeast of the port of Izmir. Aphrodisias had a long and prosperous life from the first century BC to sixth century AD.
Aphrodisias was used by both the ancient Greeks and Romans and was originally a sanctuary to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. The site contains many still standing monuments and soaring columns. 

Pergamon was an ancient Greek city and you can find the main ruin sites of this ancient city to north and west of Bergama. There’s a lot to see at Pergamon numerous temples, monuments and other ancient remains.
You can get a real feel for the history while travelling through the remains of the ancient city and even visit the Bergama museum on your journey.

Said to founded by the son of the Greek God Apollo Patara was once a flourishing commercial city. Ruins that show the beautiful architecture of the ancient city still stand in various states of disrepair and the main street of Patara which was partially restored is a particularly beautiful site.
Another ideal spot is the ruins of the amphitheatre which gives wonderful views of the neighbouring hills.

Arycanda is another popular site to visit, the ancient city is built upon five terraces that ascend the slope of a mountain. The ruins of the ancient city spread across the hills and offer spectacular views from all sides.
Many god and goddesses where once worshipped at Arycanda and you can find ruins and monuments relating too many of them. The ruins of a roman bath house and theatre can also be explored as well as monumental tombs.

Priene was once a high ranking port city home to many wealthy people. Priene is located high along the base of Mount Mycale of the west coast of central Anatolia. Because of its location Priene enjoys a natural grandeur and the surrounding trees and fields make it one on the more relaxing ruin sites to visit.
Ruins of The Temple of Athena are the highlight of the Priene ruins and another notable feature are the five towering columns the where erected in 1965 using rubble from the ruins themselves.

Hireapolis was a once prosperous spa city and contains a number of notable structures that are very popular with tourists. The Frontinus Gate, Temple of Apollo and Plutonium (also known as Pluto’s Gate) are all popular ruins.
The expansive ruins of the Necropolis that rest beyond the city walls are another of the popular ruin sites that are encompassed within Hireapolis. You’ll likely notice that Hireapolis is more well maintained that a lot of other ruin sites around Turkey so it can be the ideal place to visit if you’d like to see the ruins of ancient Turkey but have a more gentle adventure at the same time.

Ephesus is another prime example of the wondrous ruins you can see during your visit to Turkey. The ruins are located on the coast of Ionia, three kilometres southwest of the Izmir Province Town Selçuk.
The expansive ruins are the home of many wondrous ruin sites including; The Tomb of John Apostle, the ancient Roman Library of Celsus and the ruins of the famed Temple of Artemis which is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
You can also visit the nearby Ephesus Archaeological Museum in Selçuk on your journey to the ruins to view notable finds exhibited from Hireapolis.



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