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Turkey's Haunted Sites

27th October 2015

Exploring a supposedly haunted site might not seem like the most exciting way to spend a day (or night) but becoming an amateur ghost hunter is an increasingly popular holiday activity. After all don't we all love a good scary story from time to time?

There's a variety of supposedly haunted places in Turkey that haunted house enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy exploring and learning the history of. So let's take a look at some of Turkey's most haunted locations.

The Grand Bazaar
Yes it's truly spooky how much time you’ll spend there after saying you're only picking one thing up. I kid the real supposedly haunted part of the Grand Bazaar is the called the Cevahir Bedesten, roughly translated it means Jewellery Market and it's the oldest part of the Grand Bazaar.
There's many stories about there being sightings of ghostly like spectres of long gone market traders and there's also some who believe the Cevahir Bedesten houses an inter-dimensional portal. So if you want the excuse to shop while searching for ghosts then the Cevahir Bedesten is the place to visit. ↘   
The Ghost Village Of Kayakoy
Located just a short distance away from the popular tourist resorts in Fethiye and Olu Deniz you'll find the famous Ghost Village of Kayakoy. The village’s dark history stretches back many years, the deportation of many Christians from the village and an earthquake are just a couple of the events in the villages past.

However the village is also remembered fondly by some for being a beacon of hope that shows Muslims and Christians can work and live together in peace. Despite now being a popular tourist destination, you'll still no doubt feel a chill when you take in the many abandoned buildings and structures. Many tourists have also claimed to see ghostly figures and other strange occurrences like orbs of light or strange shadows. ↘

Cemil Molla Mansion
The Cemil Molla Mansion is a building that perfectly showcases 19th Century Ottoman architecture. The mansion, which is found in the Bosphorus region of Kuzguncuk, was once the home of the Minister of Justice and Head of the Council of State in the last period of the Ottoman Empire.

Over time the Cemil Molla Mansion's age caught up with it and it began to fall into disrepair but in 2004 it was decided the mansion would be restored to its former glory. While the restoration was completed in 2005 it's rumoured that the work didn't go smoothly with reported sightings of ghostly figures and other strange occurrences. Some reports even say workers fled the mansion because they were too scared to work there. ↘

Topkapi Palace
If you've ever seen or heard of the Topkapi Palace then this might seem like an unusual choice, however while the palace is now one of Turkey's largest museums and biggest tourist attractions it's also been reported by quite a few visitors to be the home of some ghostly apparitions.
This might not be surprising considering the palace's history, it was one of the major residencies of the Ottoman Empires Sultans. So while you're enjoying the museum’s collections and the palace's grand architecture who knows you might just see something a little more other worldly. ↘

Bakırpaşa Mansion
The Bakırpaşa Mansion looks like something straight out of a horror movie, this old mansion is found in the Bakırköy neighbourhood in Istanbul and if you're a fan of all things creepy you should make sure to check it out.  There's many local stories about the Bakırpaşa Mansion that you might hear from locals but one of the most well-known is that the mansion actually disappears for one day a year. ↘

The Haunted Mansion
From one creepy mansion to another, The Haunted Mansion is found along the Bosphorus Strait and instantly notable due to its red brick construction and stain glass windows. While the mansions architecture and design are certainty admirable it's called the Haunted Mansion for a reason.
The mansion is currently the headquarters for the Borusan Holding Company and staff have reported some spooky goings on inside the building. The sighting of the late wife of the Ottoman pasha Yusuf Ziya and strange sounds like the playing of a phantom piano and footsteps are just some of the stories. ↘

Molla Zeyrek Mosque
Religious sites are always popular for reports of ghostly goings on, the Molla Zeyrek Mosque is found in the Faith district of Istanbul and many locals have claimed they've heard screams around the Mosque near where a stable once stood many years ago.
Others believe the mosque hides a secret underground tunnel that connects to the Ayvansaray neighbourhood. So if you're visiting Istanbul you might want to drop by who knows you might just hear something. 




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