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Explore Turkeys Hidden Gems

3rd November 2015

Turkey’s well known for its fabulous cities, amazing costal resorts and relaxing beaches but did you know about its many hidden gems? Being a beautiful blend of the east and west and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world you’re bound to see many people visiting Turkey for the sun and sightseeing.

So if you want to avoid the crowds but still experience the wonders of Turkey then you should try visiting these hidden gems.

Alacati (Alaçatı, Çeşme, as pictured)
Found in Turkey on the west coast of the Çeşme peninsula Alacati is a stylish costal village surrounded by the Aegean Sea. While it’s by no means empty of tourists the village of Alaçatı is well known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

There’s plenty to do and see in Alacati as well, there’s a beautiful beach resort and cosy cafes line the high street. It’s also a very popular spot for wind surfing and the Wind Surfing World Cup is held there every August. Alacati is also famed for its village architecture including its stone houses and streets so fans of Turkish architecture should be sure to visit.

The Butterfly Valley
The Butterfly Valley can be found on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and is a charming place all nature lovers should be sure to visit. The Butterfly Valley features beautiful plant life and foliage that surrounds scenic cliffs.

It also lies across a small pebbly beach that drifts into the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the beach is untouched by things like viewing platforms, bathrooms or changing rooms. The Butterfly Valley is all about enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Akbük Bay 
Found in the very centre of the coastline between Bodrum and Kusadasi you’ll find the small holiday resort of Akbük. Akbük was once a fishing village but found a new life for itself as a holiday resort, there’s plenty to see and enjoy at Akbük and you still appreciate the lovely Turkish scenery.

Akbük features many bars and restaurants and there are boat rides that will take you to one of the nearby islands. There are also a variety of shops and an open air market every Friday, while you certainly won’t be alone on the tourist front, Akbük is still a great deal more relaxing and quite than the more well-known holiday resort towns. 

Turkish Lake District
In the southwest of Anatolia you’ll find the Turkish Lake District, the Turkish Lake District features a number of lakes including: Lake Acı, Lake Akşehir, Lake Beyşehir, Lake Burdur and the largest Lake Eğirdir.

Apart from exploring the lakes and surrounding mountains you can also enjoy biking trips and tours around the Lake District. You can also go camping in the wilderness and if you truly fall in love with the Turkish Lake District you could also opt to stay in one of the surrounding hotels. 

Selimiye of the Aegean Coast
Selimiye is the name of quite a few places in Turkey but the Selimiye that we’re talking about is the one of the Aegean Coast. Selimiye is a fishing village and the perfect place to visit if you just want to escape from everything and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Selimiye might not have any famous landmarks or bustling markets but that’s not why you’d visit anyway. Selimiye is the place to visit if you want to enjoy a more peaceful and quite holiday you can enjoy lunch and dinner at a charming restaurant or just relax watching the calming waters of the bay.

During the 1990’s Adrasan was quite popular amongst British holiday makers but today it’s largely free of mass tourism. Adrasan is famed for its beautiful beaches and is a popular location for scuba divers. The variety of beaches, shops and restaurants make it a great place for family holidays.


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