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5 Turkish foods to keep you warm this winter

7th November 2015

With the winter months looming over us tourists and locals alike will be looking to warm themselves up with their meals. Thankfully Turkish cuisine offers a whole host of winter warmers that are ideal for the colder months of the year.

From soups to stews, fish dishes and meat plates these hearty dishes are ideal for keeping you warm during the winter. So without further ado let's take a look at my picks for Turkish cuisines top 5 winter warmers.

Red Lentil Soup (pictured above)
No list of "Winter Warmers" could possibly be considered complete without at least one soup dish. You'll no doubt find a whole range of soups available, particularly during the winter but none have achieved quite the popularity of the Turkish Red Lentil soup.
This Turkish twist to the classic lentil soup recipe is sure to warm you up during the winter. This simple and creamy soup offers a rich slightly spicy taste that is ideal for fighting of the cold.

Turkish Lamb Stew
Just like a hearty warm soup the stew is another traditional winter warmer, you'll find many different types of Turkish stew on offer but the Turkish Lamb Stew is certainly the most popular. While it can be served with many extras like: potatoes, rice or chickpeas (to name just a few) the real star of this meal is of course the lamb itself.
Turkish Lamb Stew can be prepared in many ways and no two restaurants will have quite the same recipe. The tender meat of the stew is the ideal thing to warm you up and you'll no doubt have many extra side dishes to choose from for added flavour.

The Blue Fish
The Turkish Blue Fish or lüfer to give it its' Turkish name is a common fish that is bound to appear on many restaurant menus during the winter months. The Blue Fish has a heavy fat content and is usually served broiled or grilled.
While some restaurants will add a little twist to the recipe, the blue fish is usually served with minimal extras. A dash of olive oil and some salt and peppers are usually the only extra ingredients, but they are really all that is needed to create a wonderfully simple and succulent dish.

Another popular fish dish that you'll find served during the winter months is the Turbot fish. The Turbot is found in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.
Turbot is also a more complicated dish so expect to see many variants on restaurant menus. Serving it grilled is one of the more popular options but it's also quite common to see it be served fried and coated in flour.
Many restaurants will also serve Turbot with a varied range of extras like side salads, herbs, pepper corns or assorted spices.

To round out my top five picks we’ll look at one of Turkey’s traditional winter beverages, if you’re staying in Turkey around winter then you should make sure to try a Salep. A Salep is a drink made from hot milk and Salep flour.
Salep flour is most commonly extracted from the roots of orchids, and at one point Salep was so popular that the exportation of the drink was banned in order to protect wild orchids. The drink is warm and frothy and looks similar in many respects to a cappuccino coffee.
Most cafes, and coffee shops will still make Salep the traditional way, but you can also buy pre mixed packs in supermarkets but for the true and proper taste make sure you stop by a Turkish coffee shop of café. 
Discover more about Salep here.

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