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Istanbul - Top 6 Shopping Spots

10th November 2015

Istanbul is without a doubt the shoppers’ paradise, it offers a beautiful and wondrous range of shopping malls which are some of the finest in all of Europe. So if you’re looking for that dream shopping experience, let’s take a look at some of the many fantastic shopping malls in Istanbul.

Istinye Park
You’ll find the breath taking eco-friendly Istinye Park in the Istinye neighborhood, located in the  Sarıyer district. Istinye Park is wonderfully designed with high glass roof sections so you can look out at the sky while you shop. Parts of the mall are also located outside and it even has its very own park and kids entertainment centre.
Istinye Park covers 242.000 square meters, so you can probably imagine the huge range of shops. It features a fashion district, a health and leisure club and 12 movie theatres. There’s even on sight wheel chairs, baby prams and lockers available. There’s also a huge variety of restaurants, ranging from traditional Turkish cuisine to fast foods restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds.

Forum Istanbul
You’ll find it hard to miss Forum Istanbul if you’re in the Bayrampaşa district, this beautifully designed building is really a work of art. Covering nearly 500,000 square meters this wondrous mall is a place you could easily spend a full day exploring, and that’s being conservative you could spend your whole holiday traversing Forum Istanbul.
Among its’ many attractions are an Aquarium, a Lego Land amusement park, a bowling alley, a Jurassic Land museum and a range of cinemas. But let’s not forget the massive variety of shops and restaurants, you’ll find massive change stores like IKEA, and shops for fashion, technology, toys and everything in-between.

The gloriously designed Kanyon shopping mall is found in the Beşiktaş district, and is the place to go if you want to shop for the worlds must select brands or enjoy a high class gourmet lunch. Covering 37.000 square meters Kanyon is one of the smaller malls we’ve looked at but it still packs a huge range of shops.
You’ll find over 150 stores at Kanyon including top name stores, fashion boutiques, super markets, a sports club, movie cinemas and much more. You can also admire the beautiful architecture and surrounding greenery while you travel around the mall.

Galleria is a shopping mall with a rich history, it was the first shopping mall in Turkey and due to its location in the Bakırköy district, near the airport it’s likely to be one the first malls tourists and expats new to Turkey will visit to pick up some essentials.
Inspired by the mall of the same name in Texas, Galleria is a beautifully designed mall that even won “The World’s Most Outstanding Mall” award in 1990. Galleria has many wonderful shops and restaurants and even its own ice rink, movie theatres and a bowling alley.

The Mall of Istanbul
Found in the Başakşehir district of Istanbul, The Mall of Istanbul is a truly fantastic building bursting with shops and restaurants to suit all tastes. Whatever you want to shop for you’ll no doubt find at The Mall of Istanbul. The Mall of Istanbul also looks visually stunning and is a true sight to behold.
You’ll also find wondrous cinemas, movie theatres, an interactive Ottoman Empire Museum and even an indoor entertainment park. The Mall of Istanbul also hold regular stage products and live music events in its very own concert hall and stage, that can seat 700 people. So you really can enjoy dinner and a show.

Aqua Florya
Found in the Bakırköy district of Istanbul is the visually stunning Aqua Florya shopping mall, Aqua Florya, has the name probably tells you is a water themed shopping mall. It’s also no ordinary shopping mall because it’s also part of the famous 'Istanbul Aquarium'. 
You’ll find a huge range of stores at Aqua Florya including big name brands like: GAP, H & M, Vakko and many more. Aqua Florya also has many restaurants and cafes some of which offer beautiful sea views while you enjoy top quality cuisine. Aqua Florya also has its’ own amphitheatre and exhibition halls.

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