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Turkish Residence Permit - What does having a permit allow you to do?

1st December 2015

Turkish Residence Permit - This is an essential document to have if you are planning on living in Turkey, but what does a residence permit allow you to do?

Let's explore some of the options below:-

1. Reside in Turkey - Of course! You may reside in Turkey for the duration of your permit.

2. Schooling - If you have children and want them to go to school the whole family must have a Turkish residence permit.

3. Importing household goods - A residence permit is required if you want to clear any household goods through Turkish Customs.

4. Importing Vehicles - If you wish to import your car for longer than 6 months you will need a residence permit - This not only applies to  vehicles, any motor vehicles such as scooters or (private) boats will require a permit.

5. Opening a bank account - You will find that most banks will allow you to open a bank account with just a passport, Turkish tax number & *utility bill - However, some Turkish banks will insist upon seeing a residence permit.

6. Registering a land-line telephone/internet - For a landline telephone & internet this is a requirement.
(You may find some internet providers will not insist upon having a residence permit - check out YellAli's blog; Compare internet deals in Turkey)

More information about the Turkish Residence permit can be found here

If you require professional assistance with your Residence Permit Application, please contact us here.

For Turkish Residence Permit Health Insurance, see below link
Turkish Residence Permit


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Comments (1)


5th January 2016 Hi, sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere on the website but I was wondering;

As I'm going to be applying for a short term residency permit in Turkey, as soon as I have opened bank account, got a tax number and attended my appointment, am I allowed to fly out the country and come straight back in a matter of days? Whilst the authorities make the decision?
I'm asking this because I have originally booked a flight For moving over but want to visit turkey sooner so I can leave some belongings as part of my big move.

Hope this makes sense.

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