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Services for Expats in Turkey

11th January 2016

At YellAli we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help and support foreigners across Turkey. Since launching in 2013 we have provided help and advice with everything any foreigner would need to know about life in Turkey.

And along with our partners we have been able to provide access to insurance products as well as work and residence permit services. And in later December 2015 we expanded our services by launching the new YellAli Permit Services page.

What are the YellAli Permit Services?
The new YellAli Permit Services is currently split into four individual sections, while most of these services are not new to YellAli, all the services our now offered under the YellAli brand so you will have the guarantee of high quality service. Let’s take a look at each of the services in more detail.

Residence Permit Service
YellAli’s residence permit service offers a variety of services for a range of different residence types including: short term, long term, student permits, family permits and extension services. We provide full support through-out the process and can assist you with your application in any way we can. more info

Work Permit Service
YellAli’s work permit service offers a variety of advice and support from a dedicated and highly trained legal consultant. We can help support you with a variety of work permit applications, including work applications for indefinite and infinite amounts of time. We also provide support for independent work applications, if you meet the criteria. more info

Online Insurance Service
YellAli working in partnership with Groupama launched the very first online tool for expats, our online insurance services will connect you directly with the insurers cutting out any middle men, and it meets all the necessary requirements of the Turkish Residency Permit.

And best of all you can buy direct from the insurers online without the need for a broker, and your policy can issued immediately with same day delivery. Your documents will also be supplied by post and e-mail in both Turkish and English, and full support and guidance is on hand throughout the process.   more info

Online Translation Service
Our online translation service is a new service unique to the new YellAli Permit Services, translation is a skill that is almost entirely unique to humans. Computer programs have been trying for many years but have yet to come close to matching a professional translator’s skill.

Our expert translators, proof-readers and editors can work in a variety of languages including: English, French, German, Russian, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Turkish and many more. And we can provide translations for a variety of purposes including: business, legal and personal. Any legal document can translated and notarized to meet your exact requirements. more info

Client Testimonials 
If you’re still not convinced then check out these client testimonials. Robert and Margaret Butcher who used the residence permit service said: “Our congratulations to the staff at YellAli for such a painless application in applying for our residence permit. From the outset, to receiving our appointment, the staff could not be faulted”

Similar thoughts were echoed by Sally McDonald who said: “I would like to thank you (and Dicle at Groupama) for making this health insurance task very quick and easy. Being able to get such a swift initial response and quote was fabulous”

And Lianne Curry who said: “Yes, totally happy with the process and contact from Groupama. As an aside, I would like to extend a big thanks to all those people who make YellAli such an informative and helpful website” And you can view more testimonials at the new YellAli Permit Services page.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team


Turkish Residence Permit


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