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Mandatory Insurance for Foreigners in Turkey – Online or Agent?

19th January 2016

There's no denying the importance of health insurance in today's modern world, and that's why health insurance continues to be one of YellAli's focal points.

The Benefits of Online Health Insurance 

Online health insurance is popular because it has such a wide range of benefits that we will take a look at below.

It's Instant: Online health insurance is fast, with our online tool YellAli members can get a free no obligation quote direct from Groupama immediately and we provide instant cover if you decide to purchase the insurance.
And most importantly it meets the requirements of the Turkish Residence Permit.


Agent vs online: Using an insurance agent is the more traditional way of getting your health insurance but just because it’s older doesn’t mean it is better. Remember and insurance agent’s salary will depend on you buying the premium more expensive package so the danger of being miss sold is certainty possible.

While some agents will no doubt be honest the risk of being misled of lied to is possible, if you’re dealing direct with the company online you can be sure of an honest service. The staff will be paid either way so they will have no incentive to lie or mislead you and all calls and emails are monitored. 

And our online Groupama insurance is better because it’s accepted by authorities for a residence permit application. Although you have to make sure that you state that the policy is for the residence permit and make sure you meet the minimum requirements. Below is an example of what you should expect –

NOTE: Health Insurance for the residence permit MUST state in the policy terms that it meets the minimum requirements. A sample of Groupama Insurance Foreigners policy can be seen below;

23/06/2014 Tarihinden itibaren "İş bu poliçe 06/06/2014 tarih ve 9 sayılı İkamet izni Taleplerinde yaptırılacak Özel Sağlık Sigotalarına ilişkin Genelge'de belirlenen Asgari Teminat Yapısını Kapsamaktadır".

Health Insurance that does not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

You'll also receive your documents by post in English and Turkish and you’ll also get them by email within a day, meaning you'll always have a back up copy safe in your inbox and have access to them much faster.

You cut out the Middle Man: With our online health insurance you deal directly with the insurer, cutting out any unneeded middlemen or brokers. This gives you complete control over the insurance process and will save you money. 

Simple and Easy: By just having the application process be online is something that will no doubt help a lot of people. Also having the ability to get a quote and apply online is just so much easier, the modern man or women do so many things online outside of the standard office hours.

YellAli and Groupama's Insurance FIT (Foreigners in Turkey) Health Insurance is designed especially for expats and offers flexible payment options. And the immediate response to the tool showed just how popular it was. In just the first three and half months we had over 8000 visits to our Groupama page after we launched our online insurance tool.

For Turkish Residence Permit Health Insurance, see below link
Turkish Residence Permit


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