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Coming up: Festivals and Concerts not to miss in 2016

24th January 2016

What is it about a music gig that everyone seems to love? Is it the thrill of seeing and hearing one of your favourite artists live? The thrill of being part of a massive crowd enjoying the music together? Or simply the party fun loving atmosphere?

It’s probably all three and many more, everyone seems to love a good gig of one kind or another and Turkey is always playing host to some kind of live music event. So let’s take a look at who’ll be playing in Turkey in 2016 and what festival you have to look forward to.

Chill Out Festival 2016 – May 28th
The eleventh annual Chill Out Festival will be heading to Istanbul this May, and with over 20,000 thousand visitors expected you can be sure they’ll be something for everyone. The festival runs for two days from 12am to 12 pm. So you’ll have 24 hours’ worth of live music spread across three stages.

Zeytinli Rock Festivali 2016 – August 25th
The Zeytinli Rock Festivali is as you can probably guess all about rock music and is sure to be a rock n’ roll paradise for all fans of the genre. Although the line-up is yet to be revealed you can be sure they’ll be a great line up of both local and international rock stars. It’s due to be held in the city of Balıkesir this August.

Angela Hewitt – February 12th 
Angela Hewitt is a world known Canadian classical pianist, she has received many awards during her long career including the National Arts Centre Award and an OBE in 2006. She will be performing on the Seed Stage as part of the Istanbul Recitals and if you’re a fan of classical or piano based music then you’ll no doubt enjoy her performance.

Mazhar-Fuat-Özkan – February 19th
Mazhar-Fuat-Özkan (commonly referred to as MFO) is a famous Turkish band that has been active since the early 70’s. The band plays in the pop and rock genres and many of their songs have a satirical edge to them, so you might even get a laugh as you enjoy the music. They’ll be playing in Istanbul in February and Izmir in March, so if you want a taste of Turkish music or simply enjoy pop rock then you’ll no doubt have fun at their concert.

Stacey Kent – April 21st
Get ready for some Jazz as the Grammy nominated Stacey Kent takes the stage in Istanbul this April. The American singer as released over 10 albums since 1997 and she is signed with the prestigious Jazz label Blue Note. Her beautiful and mesmerising voice is sure to please all Jazz fans and it will probably win over many others as well.  

Unconfirmed Concerts
While there’s certainly a great number of concerts and festivals already arranged in Turkey there’s sure to be more announced in the coming months, let’s take a look at who else might be taking to the stage in Turkey this year.

Rihanna – The world famous R&B singer is set to be kicking off a world tour for her eight studio album Anti. A date as yet to be announced for Turkey but the singer as played Turkey previously to a very positive reception so an announcement could be made in the future.

Adele – The English sing songwriter launched her highly anticipated album in 2015 and her world tour is set to kick off this year. Again a tour date for Turkey is yet to be announced but a date could be set in the future.

Muse – The English rock band have been on tour since May 2015 to support their latest album Drones. A Turkish date as yet to be announced but the tour is set to go on late into 2016 and could even go on longer. The band did play in Istanbul during the Rock n’ Coke festival in 2006 so a return appearance is long overdue.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team


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