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Istanbul is it Child Friendly Enough for my Family?

12th February 2016

When you think of Istanbul you likely think of the famous ancient ruins, the fabulous architecture or maybe even the street food. One thing you probably don’t think “is what a great place to take my kids”

However while it might not bring the same instant enthusiasm as a trip to Disney Land would with your children you might be surprised how child friendly Istanbul is. (And yes it does have theme parks too)

What does Istanbul have for Children?
There are plenty in Istanbul for both you and your children to enjoy. So let’s take a look at some of the child friendly activities your children can look forward too.

The Princes Islands – The Princes Islands are a chain of 9 small islands found in the Sea of Marmara, of which 4 are open to the public. The Prince Islands are like taking a trip back into the past, there’s absolutely no cars aloud on the islands everything is done by horse drawn carriages. 
Children, not to mention parents as well, will love the atmosphere and sense of adventure visiting the islands brings.

Istanbul Aquarian – The Istanbul Aquarian is quite secluded in the Florya neighbourhood, in the Bakırköy district. But you might not have to trek to far from the city centre because the Aquarian does have its own shuttle service. The Istanbul Aquarian holds leading positions worldwide due to the sheer amount of different species of fish and other aquatic life it contains.
It’s a great place for families to visit and not to mention educational as well, and with an onsite restaurant, gift shop and parking it’s a place you could easily spend the whole day at.

Visit an Istanbul Museum – It would be unfair to highlight just one wouldn’t it? There’s so many great ones to choose from in Istanbul, we have the Istanbul Modern, the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum and the Topkapi Palace to name just a few.   
Istanbul is a dream for museum lovers and many run their own events and classes for children, and while museums might have the stereotype of being dull or boring amongst children we think you’d be surprised how many children would actually enjoy visiting a museum if given the chance.

Visit a Theme Park – Yes Istanbul does have theme parks, if you want the classic rides and roller coasters then we have Vialand found in the Golden Horn region, of if you want something a little different you can visit the Miniaturk miniatures park that’s also found in the Golden Horn region.
And there’s also the Istanbul Dolphinarium where you can watch dolphin shows and other sea mammals. Theme parks might not be the most educational choice available but there’s nothing wrong with just having a bit of fun now again.

Visit the Park – It might be a bit cliché but visiting a park is always a great way to spend the day (as long as the weather is with you) you not only get fresh air but you also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Istanbul’s many parks.
There’s the: Ulus Park, Bebek Park found near the Belgrad Forest and the Romantika Fenerbahce Park which is located on the Fenerbahce Peninsula. And that’s just naming three of them, the parks of Istanbul are great ways to spend the day you can enjoy the fresh air and scenery, play some outdoor games and even enjoy a picnic lunch. 

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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