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Turkey and Russia – The Fallout

21st February 2016

The fallout from the Russian jet crisis has been far reaching, a number of Turkish hotels are now facing bankruptcy and the Turkish economy is suffering due to falling numbers of Russian tourists.

Some predictions estimate that the Turkish economy could lose up to 9 billion dollars because of the crisis. However while this is indeed a significant issue for the Turkish economy there’s two groups of people that have seldom been reported about who have no doubt been massively affected by the fallout.

Russian and Turkish expats who have relocated or have a winter/ summer home in Turkey/ Russia will no doubt have been hugely affected by the crisis.

The Problems Facing Russian Expats 

Russian expats are a common sight in Turkey particularly in Antalya and there are large communities of Russian expats all around Turkey. While there have been no large scale signs of attacks against Russian expats on a smaller scale problems like harassment have been reported. As this report from the Europe Radio Liberty website shows.

This news will probably not surprise many as it’s a familiar problem around the world and we should be thankful that these problems are very small scale and are definitely the minority as many Russian expats are still able to live their lives in peace.

The same issues are also be being faced by Turkish expats who have relocated to Russia and the Turkish embassy in Moscow issued a statement saying it has been received a number of calls from Turkish citizens, complaining of harassment by the local authorities.

Will the Relationship Recover?

It’s likely that Russia and Turkey’s relationship will improve in time but exactly how much time it will take is something that can’t really be predicted. Recent events have caused a new rise in tensions so for now a reunion looks like it could be a long wat off.

While times like this can bring out the worst in people they can also bring out the best in them and while reports of harassment have been reported there have also been many reports of both Turkish and Russian people helping and supporting each other and continuing to work together in harmony.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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