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Turkish Cinema – Turkey’s Infamous Movie Remakes

22nd February 2016

The Turkish cinema is a wonderful place, there's been countless Turkish films that have captured the imaginations of audiences all around the world. However Turkey like every other country also produced some movies it would likely rather forget.

You see many years ago during the 1950's and early 80's Turkey was one on the largest producers of films in the world and issues with censoring and problems with keeping up with demand meant many big western movies like Star Wars and Rambo were heavily copied to produce what was a essentially a Turkish remake of said movie.

Remakes and Rip Offs
While these movies are very much a product of their time and aren't a reflection of the Turkish movie industry today, in a strange sort of way these movies are some of the most beloved movies Turkey as ever produced.

When videos of them started hitting the net they quickly stared gaining cult status and a vocal fan base. These movies aren't exactly liked for the same reasons big Hollywood blockbuster are, the effects are bad, the budgets where clearly small and the acting is an acquired taste but they are entertaining and a lot of fun to watch even if you spend most of time laughing.

So we say let's be proud of these so bad their good movies and if you want to make a start watching them here's my top 5 picks.

Turkish Star Wars
Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam roughly translates to The Man Who Save The World but is now more popularly known as Turkish Star Wars. The film includes wizards, skeleton warriors, zombies and space ships, so you can least credit it them for not copying the exact plot of Star Wars. This is the film that really catapulted Turkish movie remakes into cult status because it includes many uses of stock footage from the Star Wars movies.

Turkish Dracula
Drakula İstanbul'da or Turkish Dracula to give you its fan name is the Turkish take on the traditional story of Dracula. There’s some debate whether this should be bunched in with the rest of Turkey’s infamous movie remakes. But rightly or wrongly it is but it does have the unusual honour of being considered one of the better ones.

Turkish Rambo
This one is right up there with Turkish Star Wars as far as popularity goes, Turkish Rambo is actually called Rampage and you can tell from the cover image that this film is going to pretty shameless in its imitation. The plot of the movie does actually differ but many scenes in the movie are very similar. Turkish Rambo is actually so much of a cult favourite it’s one of only a few movie remakes to have its own English dub and DVD release.

Turkish Jaws
Turkish Jaws or to give it its original name Col is a Turkish movie about a giant shark attack a helpless beach side community. If this doesn’t exactly scream Jaws rip off to you then the addition of the famous Jaws theme music and a certain scene near the movies climax probably will. Sorry I can’t give more away you’ll have to watch the film for yourself if you want to find out.

Turkish Super-Man
Süpermenler to give it its original name is a movie that somehow combines: time travel, the mafia, political fallout on a global scale and three detective superheroes. Yeah the plot is complicated to say the least but this is another cult favourite amongst fans of Turkish remakes. It also stars Cüneyt Arkın who was quite a popular Turkish action movie star at the time.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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