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Turkish Tourist Safety – Safety Concerns for 2016

29th February 2016

Tourist safety is always a concern to big tourist countries and Turkey is no different, however recent events in late 2015 and in the first months on 2016 have caused a new wave of concerns over tourist safety.

The recent explosions in Istanbul and the bombings in Ankara are the most recent attacks against Turkey and the ongoing fall-out with Russia have also likely been playing heavily on people’s minds. So is Turkey still a safe place for tourists and if you have already arranged to go this year what should you do?

Safety Concerns – Should I still visit Turkey?
Despites these terrible events the majority of Turkey is still a safe place to visit and The Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) has not changed its stance and advice regarding travelling to Turkey. The FCO does already advise stating that you should stay away from the Syrian border if possible and this advice hasn’t changed.

In the UK alone it’s estimated more the 2.5 million people visit Turkey every year and most of these trips are without problems and despite these attacks Turkey is on the whole still a very safe place to visit. Popular resort areas like: Bodrum and Antalya and other popular resort areas have managed to remain unscathed during recent events and are on the whole still very safe places to visit.

The UK is actually planning to take part in the Garden Expo in Antalya this April so these resort areas and many others like them are still safe places to be. Of course no one knows what the future holds and attacks could still occur in Turkey or any other place in the world. Over the past few years many cities have felt the effect of terror attacks: London, Boston, New York and Paris are just a few examples.

However it would be unwise to let the fear of these unknown and possible attacks spoil your planned trip to Turkey (or any place for that matter) because with that mind set you wouldn’t be safe anywhere. However that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up to date about security and safety information to at least give yourself some peace of mind.

Keeping up to Date
Keeping up to date on the most recent events is the best way to stay in the know about what safety concerns there might be. You should also make sure you look at Turkey as whole, don’t just focus on the place you’re visiting.

Please see Travel Alerts for Turkey here.

You may also want to make a note of emergency service numbers like the: police, ambulance and fire services. You should also keep an eye on your home Countries foreign office or equivalent office like the US Department of State for example, to see what their advice is for travelling to Turkey the closer you get to your departure date.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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