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The Recent Changes to e-ikamet

1st March 2016

The Turkish Migration Department have recently re-launched the GÖÇ NET e-Residence module (as announced by the Director General of Migration Management) The new module is now up and running at

The new GocNet e-Residence module will ensure a better and more accessible service for foreigners wanting to complete their Turkish residence permit applications. With the introduction of the new GocNet e-Residence module foreigners will be able to access new features on the module (some of which aren’t available yet but will be shortly)

How Does this affect me?
You might be wondering if and how you’ll be effected by these new changes. Under the new system you can edit all your details before making an online appointment, but once the appointment is arranged you are locked out from editing anything.

You are also obligated to attend an interview once your application form is printed. Although you can cancel it if you have a good reason like illness or injury. 

Paying fees by credit card on the e-Residence system - This will also be available online, However, it is not currently active at the moment. Users will also be able to follow up the status of their residence permit application.

How is the new System?
The changes to the new system are quite positive in our opinion and it’s good to see improvements being made. Apart from launching the new module the Migration Department is also opening more offices around Turkey. Istanbul has 4 new offices and there’s been 1 new office opened in each of the following places; Beşiktaş, Beylikdüzü, Pendik, and Kadıköy. (The central migration office in Fatih is also available)

The new system includes a number of changes that you might have already noticed. First of all people renewing an application must now book an interview with the Migration Department. And now everyone must be seen by a Migration officer when making a permit application.

Renewals also now have to provide a notarised version of their passport, which is something YellAli can assist you with. Further changes will be added over time so keep an eye on YellAli for updates and let us know what you think of the new system in the comments below.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

Turkish Residence Permit


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Comments (6)


1st March 2016 For attention of David Varty
The new system is 'pants' The database does not recognise existing ikamet holders. Have to log on every day to see if problem is fixed. No mention in your article of provincial offices eg Manavgat Police. I know nothing about Notarised passports. Why do we need yell ali help with this? Please get a grip and give us the true facts and not your opinion about a 'pretty' but highly flawed website!!!


1st March 2016 Before post please be sure all facts is true..... Here is one with is not !
- First of all people renewing an application must now book an interview with the Migration Department.

This One Is wrong...
- Only new application and Permit Transfer shall schedule a meeting !!

If you read the link document to (UzatmalstenenBelgeler -en.pdf), can you on page 2 of 13 read :
- For extension applications, attach only the payment receipts of residence permit and document fees to your application file! If payment is made using virtual POS with a credit card through our system, submission of payment receipt is not necessary.

So please check ALL post with a colleague before post..

I love this website and your notices (emails), but please keep all facts RIGHT ! There is a lot of gossip and fight going around the englische people..

Allan Tranekaer (a happy Dane in Cesme, Izmir).....


1st March 2016 Thank you for your comments @squawk2003 @Jaidee

We understand there are some technical issues with the new e-ikamet module, however, this will be fixed soon. And if you would like YellAli to assist you, and make the renewal application on your behalf, we would be delighted to assist you.

And finally...

Currently ALL renewal applicants must attend an interview with their local migration dept. This changed in recent days.

If you would like professional assistance with your application please contact us directly

Thank you.


4th March 2016 No notarised passport was requested by Manavgat police when her application was lodged last week. When her application was originally booked online (essential procedure before visiting Manavgat police) the system would not allow the print of the application form unless an appointment was booked online. In her case the only appointment available was one month away!! Totally insane as we attended any necessary meeting when lodging the papers. As of today there is still no recognition of my own existing foreigner id and name by the software.. I have also lodged a complaint via the webform provided but ofcourse have received no reply!!


8th March 2016 Am I the only one trying to get an appointment in Istanbul, without any appointments available?

My Ikamet runs out in 10 days, so don't know what will happen if they don't add extra appointments to the system soon.
Also the new system keeps changing language and my country in some of my answers in the form. I hope they get this fixed soon.


9th February 2017 Hi i have a residence permit which will finish 5day later(short term 1year) then i applied for renew from website
But system gave me randevu by 2months later(around 67days) in besiktas office. And its too far .is it normal?!! Because 5days later my ikamet will expire

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