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My Top 10 Things Turkey Is Famous For (Part 1)

8th March 2016

Founded from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire Turkey is a country with a rich and historic culture. It's the place where the east and west meet both figuratively and literally so you can imagine it as quite a lot to be famous for. But if you'd care to listen here's what I think are the top ten things Turkey is most famous for.

10 – The Turkish Delight 

Not everything has to be a sprawling market place, magnificent ancient ruin site or work of art. It might seem like an odd first pick but I think it's a fair choice. The Turkish Delight is actually a name to a family of sweets but they all share similarities and have found fame and fans all around the world. So even if you don't have much of a sweet tooth the Turkish Delight's impact is hard to dismiss. See Also: History of Turkish Delight

9 – The Ancient City of Ephesus

Turkey is home to many glorious ancient ruin sites and many have a strong argument for a place on this list but in the end I went with the Ancient City of Ephesus as my choice. This glorious city in the central Aegean region is a time piece of century's worth of history from both the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Walking through it is literally like stepping back in time so it's a worthy representative of Turkey's ancient ruins. See Also: EPHESUS

8 – Turkish Soap Operas

The soap opera format is still alive and well in Turkey and most regions likely have their own soap opera that everyone (sometimes secretly) watches. Turkish soap operas come in all styles and themes some are trashy and some are serious and everything in between. While few have reached international audiences yet they're an important part of Turkish culture and worthy of the number 8 slot. See Also: Turkey's Booming TV Industry

7 – Turkish Coffee

While not many Turkish soap operas have reached international audience's attention Turkish coffee sure has. Turkish coffee is an actually the name of a special way of preparing unfiltered coffee and gives the drink a thicker and stronger taste. Many people fall in love with Turkish coffee and while it might not be to everyone's taste it certainly is one of the things Turkey is most famous for. See Also: Turkish Coffee VS American Coffee

6 – Street Food    

I'll try not to mention food anymore after this I promise, but Turkish street food is certainly worth a place on my top ten. Turkish street food comes in many shapes and styles you've got something for everyone. Famous for being served by vendors on the streets of big cities like Istanbul many of these delicious snack foods are well loved by tourists and locals alike. You can check out some of my picks for the best street foods at the link.
Well I could go on and on for a while but I better stop myself and narrow down the order for my top five picks. Let me know what you think Turkey is most famous for in the comments. RECOMMENDED: 8 Street Foods that make ISTANBUL Great

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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