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My Top 10 Things Turkey Is Famous For (Part 2)

14th March 2016

So we’ve already looked at the first half of my top ten things Turkey is most famous for. Yes there was a quite a bit of food and drink mentioned but I promised I’d try to be a bit more varied for this half. So without further ado let’s go.

5 – Turkish Movies
In particular Turkish movie remakes, these remakes are well known and enjoyed by many people and have quite the fan base online. While they’re very much a product of their time and aren’t going to be winning any awards any time soon, the fan base they’ve built up is certainty admirable. Even if they are loved because of their “so bad they’re good” qualities. Read more about the Turkish movie remakes.

4 – The Grand Bazaar
Just missing the top three the Grand Bazaar is Turkey’s most visited and famous attraction. When people think of Turkey they likely think of the sprawling marketplace that is the Grand Bazaar. Many holiday goers visit Turkey solely for the opportunity to visit it. The Grand Bazaar covers over 60 streets and features over 3000 stores and can regularly been seen in the top 5 of the world’s most visited tourist attractions lists. So it’s certainly worthy of the number 4 spot.

3 – Troy
The story of Odysseus and the Trojan Horse is world famous and the actual city of Troy is now housed inside Turkey. Well its ruins are anyway and while you unfortunately can’t visit the famous wooden horse (although there is an impressive replica) you can enjoy taking in the history and the ruins. If you're a fan of the literature and story of Odysseus then Troy is a must visit not just for the ruins but for the atmosphere itself. So taking all this into account Troy is my pick for position three.

2 – The Turquoise Coast
The Turquoise Coast is actually a popular alternative name for the Turkish Riviera it covers the southwest of Turkey encompassing both Antalya and Mugla, and also parts of other places like Aydin and the south of Izmir. By exploring the Turquoise Coast you’ll have the opportunity to explore under water ruins, see amazing views, visit the ancient city of Xanthos and partake in various water sports. For the views alone the Turquoise Coast is one of the most amazing places in Turkey and that’s why it gets my number two spot.

1 – The People
It might seem like a strange choice for the number one position but let me explain. Turkish people come in all shapes and sizes not to mention there’s thriving communities of expats from all around the world. This is why Turkey is such a fun place to explore, now of course not everyone is going to be nice all time (what place on earth is going to be like that) but on the whole many people are surprised by just how nice and understanding Turkish people can be. So they’re my pick for the number one spot.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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