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Wireless Internet Access in Turkey for Expats & Travellers

24th March 2016

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Readers who want wireless Internet access while travelling in Turkey will do well to look at Rent ‘n Connect, one of the most successful Turkish companies offering tourists and visitors a way to stay hooked up to the Internet and have access to travel information 24/7.

Ozgur Gen, co-founder and manager of the established enterprise, reports that 2015 was their most successful year to date and credits many reasons for their popularity.

“Our services are offered in two ways. Clients hire a mobile hotspot enabling them to use their own mobile phone without running up expensive roaming charges or; they can utilise our tablet providing access to pre-installed applications along with Wi-Fi sharing.

Both offer a secure connection so users can stay clear of public Internet access in cafes, bars, and hotels, which are not secure enough for personalised use. Customer reviews of our products indicate that using a safe connection is of high priority, especially for emails to stay in touch with friends and family back home, or online banking services to check charges.”

Mobile Hotspot With Digital Guide
In 2014, Rent n Connect took their customer service one step further by providing built-in apps on the tablet hotspot. Among many included are Skype and Viber for keeping in touch with loved ones back home; Google maps to know where you are at any time, Accuweather to see updated forecasts and most social media apps to record memories like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.  If clients are in Istanbul, they also receive an app to help visit museums.

Rent and Connect also placed ease of use as a top priority. Already aware that travellers have much organising to do including flights, tours, transfers, and money exchange, they instead deliver the device to the hotel reception and when the client departs, they pop the device back into the bag, that will be picked up for return.

“We ensure that our service already fits in with the customer’s travelling plans so they can just continue with their day as planned,” says Ozgur.

Previous customer testimonials also prove large groups like friends or families, use the service because they can connect up to 10 devices at one time.  This means mum, dad and the kids can all stay connected, for the cheap cost of just 4.19 euros a day (including a discount price of 30%, with rental extending seven days).

4.5G Network Access in Turkey
In a landmark deal last year, major mobile providers in Turkey won access to the 4.5G network that is set to go live in the country by April 2016. When this happens, Rent ‘n Connect plan to offer mobile hotspots and tablets with 4.5G capability so clients will be able to surf the Internet faster, upload photographs quickly and have clearer calls back home with continued connection.

Ozgur Gen says that for 2016, customer satisfaction will still be a high priority. Ease of use, and continued online support, as well as value for money, is what they aim to provide and readers of YellAli should quote the following code at the time of booking to receive even more discount.

Promotion Code: FS2015YA

To reserve: via Rent and Connect Website:


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