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Expat Challenges – The Joy of Adjusting to Turkey

4th April 2016

Some of the things you can expect to see and have to deal with once you've made the move to Turkey :-

Persistent Traders –The world of retail is full of persistent shop assistants and traders no matter what country you're in isn't it? While that statement might seem hard to argue with at times some Turkish shop keepers really will chase you for that sale. So be prepared to but your game face on and say the dreaded "I'll come back later" line.

Personal Space – One mainly for the British expats, Turkish people are in general much more willing to get close and talk. There's no malice or rudeness in it, like many of the things on this list it's just a cultural difference. But be prepared because if you're used to people being more at arm's length while you talk it might take you a while to adjust.

Turkish Time – Now this one is a double edged sword it can actually be a big benefit to you but also an annoyance at times. Ever wished you could take an extra 15 minutes in bed before meeting up or spend a bit of extra time getting ready? Well with Turkish time you can and no one will really mind or care if you stroll in a little late.
Yeah the Turkish people certainly are a relaxed bunch when it comes to time keeping. However this can also be incredibly annoying if you’re the first to arrive on the actual arranged time just to see everyone come in half an hour later.

No money No Problems – Ever had that dreaded feeling when your items are cashed up at the shop and it turns out you’re a little short? The only thing to do is put something back. Well now you don't have to because many shop keepers in Turkey will just say "pay me later" and that's it your free. Of course you'll likely have to build a bit of rapport with the shop keep first but hey consider it a gift for customer loyalty.

Chatting Up Lines (Really Bad ones) – This one is mainly an issue women expats will have to deal with and although it's cliché it's usually a barman saying the lines. Does he expect it to actually woo you? Probably not most are just trying to be friendly and break the ice but still did they have to pick such bad chat up lines?

Avoiding the N-O Word – Turkish people like to avoid saying no if they can, in fact even if they have no choice (excuse the pun) but to say it they will likely gesture it instead of outright saying it to someone. This might actually be a relief at times, but it's also something many expats will have to get used to.  

Get Ready for Question – Do you have red hair, or interesting features or perhaps just a more quirky and usual hairstyle? Anything that makes you stand out will likely get you some questions from some Turkish people, but again while this might seem annoying or perhaps even rude there's no harm or offence meant. Turkish people are very open and friendly but also very curious so if you stand out in some way you'll likely get a few questions.

Will I adapt?
Moving to a new country is a big change but you might be surprised how soon you get used to it and get over that initial culture shock. Soon you'll be an honouree Turkish person and you'll never want to go back.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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