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Expat Challenges – Dealing With Homesickness

16th April 2016

With many expats living in Turkey the issue of homesickness is a real possibility and even if you really hated the place you used to live don’t think you’ll be immune to a few pangs of homesickness every now again.

Homesickness might not seem like that big of a deal at first after all we’ve all felt a little homesick once in a while haven’t we? However when you’ve relocated to a new Country you can’t exactly jump on the bus or take a car ride down to see old friends or family.

Thankfully though Turkey is home to a great variety of friendly people and there are plenty of ways expats can go about tackling their homesickness. Let’s take a look at some of them in more detail shall we.

Make New Friends – It might seem scary at first but if visiting old friends isn’t an option (an in most cases it won’t be) then the only thing to do is make new ones. Turkish people are famed for their friendliness and openness so just smile, be brave and take the first step. Soon you’ll probably have made lots of friends and those feelings of loneliness or isolation will quickly fade away.

Have A Taste Of Home – Many times homesickness is related to missing something that was once a common fixture in your life and sometimes this can be something as simple as food or a brand name you can’t find in Turkey. So the solution is simple if there’s a dish you can’t find it turkey make it yourself and introduce it to others, it’s a great way to meet to people and share some of your own culture.

Technology – Skype, Facetime and many similar services are quite common now days and if you haven’t learnt to use them well now you certainly have a good reason to. With even a basic understanding of these programs you can easily talk with people from all around the world, it might not be the same as a face to face conversation but it is close.

Embrace Turkish Culture – If you feel like a stranger in strange land at first there’s a simple solution stop being the stranger. Get to know people, local hangouts, converse with people and maybe do a little research about where you’re now living.

Give It Time – After moving thoughts like “Did I do the right thing” or “Is it too late to go back” are quite common for lots of people. Doubt after making a big decision is natural and so are feelings of homesickness but don’t make rash decisions straight away. After a few months, weeks or maybe even a few days you’ll most likely feel right at home again in Turkey.

Focus On The Positives – If nothing else works simply focus of the positive, now you might have a glorious beach just five minutes down the road, or exciting job opportunities or in many cases a lot of sunny weather to look forward to.

Just remember while it might seem tough at first literally millions of expats have gone through similar issues before and overcome them to make new and exciting lives for themselves. So don’t feel to downhearted moving to Turkey is an exciting prospective and decision you won’t regret, just give it a little time and you’ll feel right at home.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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