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Drivers License Impact - Consequences for not changing your license’

22nd April 2016

Drivers License Impact - Consequences for not changing your license’

Do you have a foreign drivers license? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this!

New regulations came into force on the 1st of January 2016.
Those holding non-Turkish drivers licenses will only be able to use their licenses for 6 months upon arrival to Turkey. They must convert their foreign license into a Turkish license within these 6 months.
Driving licenses from Country’s, which are not members of the Convention on Road Traffic and where a reciprocal agreement about recognition and change of driving licenses does not exist, cannot be changed to a Turkish driving license. - Full list of countries can be found at

If you have been in Turkey for more than 6 months and driving with a non-Turkish license then you are breaking the law.

If you are caught with a non-Turkish drivers license you will be fined 343TL. If your foreign license has expired it will be confiscated and sent back to the issuing body.

You need to convert your license even if you are an occasional driver.  Rental car companies have said that they will not accept licenses, which are not valid. They say that if a foreigner has been in Turkey for 6 months and over, and have failed to complete the conversion process that as far as they are concerned the license is not valid.

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What you need to convert your driver’s license:

Conversion procedure (Converting a foreign driving license to a license of our country)
Documents Required:(ADDITIONAL documents may be required)

1. Foreign driving license and photocopy

2. Turkish translation legalized by a notary or a Turkish consulate

3. Driving license form (form to be obtained from the local Chamber of Drivers/Şoförler Odası)

4. Passport and residence permit, (or birth certificate)

5. Health report for drivers

6. Receipt confirming payment of the driving license card fee, driving license valuable paper fee     and driving license service fee (foundation share) to the tax office or an authorized bank

7. 2 passport sized photos (5x6 dimensions white background bio-metric)

8. Blood group card or written declaration of blood group

9. Education certificate

Once you have completed the process of exchanging your foreign drivers license for a Turkish one, the authorities will retain your foreign drivers license and send it back to the issuing authority.

What happens when you leave Turkey and you want to have your drivers license converted back?:

You need to apply to the driver’s license issuing authority of your country for a conversion or renewal. The fee will be the same as a renewal.

What is the situation for Foreign Driver License holders of Countries NOT Signatory to the Convention of Road & Traffic ?
According to the Turkish Traffic Police there is no conversion procedure and you must take the Turkish driving test. You may also use a translator for assistance. Read More Here

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