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What are the health benefits of living in Turkey

21st August 2013

Expats in Turkey will have certainly felt the effect in more ways than one of making the move overseas.

But once you have unpacked your bags and ditched the thick winter duffel coats for good, what main benefits can you expect to enjoy?


On the whole, Turkey enjoys an ideal Mediterranean climate with lots of sun and clear blue skys. By living in a hot climate, you can enjoy a number of different advantages. Firstly, it will improve any ailments you may have.

We all like to have a daily dose of Vitamin D but with Turkey’s hot climate, it can ensure psoriasis and other skin related disorders significantly improve. Mild temperatures can also lead to significant decreases in respiratory diseases, whilst an enhanced social life and outdoor activities are other plus points to take into account.

Other advantages you may enjoy living in a warmer climate feature significant improvements in knee pain not to mention relief from severe arthritic issues.


It is no surprise that a healthy Mediterranean diet will enable you to remain in tip top condition. With the amount of fresh fruit, vegetable as well as olive oil available in Turkey, it is no surprise more expats are making the move.

From salads to broad beans, and the freshest fish this side of the Black Sea, there is plenty of food for thought!

Other main elements to a well-balanced Mediterranean diet include lower consumption of red meat, lots of cheese and fragrant honey. Turkish cuisine uses host of vegetables in their cuisine adding to the essential vitamins and minerals such as zucchini, olives and vine leaves

It has been suggested this particular type of diet is imperative in not only combatting heart disease and reducing cholesterol levels but improving longevity and avoiding the onset of a possible stroke.

Quality of life

When you move to a new country that boasts a warmer climate, you may soon find yourself taking up a wide variety of activities.

This includes strolling down the fairways on the golf course or walking to the shops or many outdoor food markets. There are those among you who may seek even more adventurous pastimes to fulfil your daily routine.

In addition to this, the regeneration of Turkey has seen significant investment across a host of different sectors which has led the country to become one of the hottest places to live.

Thanks to a recent £170m investment in fashion outlets as well as the promotion of diverse shopping festivals, hotel group expansions and a wealth of financial injection from major brands, it is fast becoming the place to be.

In 2010, Turkey was given the honour of the European Capital of Culture whilst its bustling nightlife, rich heritage and plethora of attractions ensure it represents one of the leading lifestyle choices for many expats and travellers.

Written by Simon Lazarus

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